Wednesday, March 25, 2015

It's Your Day!

Happy Birthday Mom!

You are a go getter and you are always having fun.  You are just the mom I need in life.  You have taught me how to always find the silver lining and then to be grateful for it.  I am so glad that we have always been close buds.  Who needs sisters when I have a mom like you?!  You are an absolute rockstar and I hope your day is wonderful!  I love you!

xoxo, Katie

Monday, March 23, 2015

Sunday Sketches

It was late and I realized that I hadn't sketched anything yet.  So I gathered my sketch book and oil pastels and just got going.  It was fast, spontaneous, and fun.  Just what I needed.

It's feels really scary to post this here.  I don't think it's amazing or anything really that special.  Art is something that I enjoy, but stop myself from doing because I want to be great at it.

I'm practicing not being great at it and being okay with that.  I'm practicing enjoying the process without caring so much about the finished product.  I'm practicing being brave.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

His Biggest Test

Today marks the beginning of the biggest test of Jeremy's life.

It's a licensing exam for Dentists called the WREB and it is a two day test, all day Saturday and Sunday.  It's intense.  He will be doing all sorts of dental procedures on a few select patients and then his work will be graded by a committee.  This is basically the last big hurrah and then he graduates in May.  He has some small clinical requirements to finish at school, but that's easy-peasy compared to this test.  So we have had some anxious moments at our house this past week.  We are both very excited for this to be over.  I made these study cards for Jeremy on Thursday to help him out.

So this morning we woke up to early alarms, I dropped him off at school, and then sent good and calming vibes his way all day.  While Jeremy took the first half of his test, I worked out, went to brunch at Blue Moon Grill (so good!), watched a movie, checked my phone a million times to see if  he was done with the first part, went shopping (always a good time), watched another movie, and waited for him to come home.

And he survived the first day! Woot woot!  The second day is a little less stressful so we are feeling pretty good.  I can't wait for Monday to come.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Search

We didn't really have our heart set on Vermont when we started the job search.  We were actually only looking in Chicago and Denver (the two cities we narrowed our search down to after a TON of research).  Jeremy's Supervisor at school recommended him to her friend that has a practice in Rutland, Vermont.  It seemed like a pretty good opportunity so we figured it wouldn't hurt to check it out and Jeremy planned to meet with her.

A few weeks later, Jeremy was having lunch at school and one of the LDS 1st year dental students got wind of Jeremy possibly going to Vermont and said that his brother in law has a practice in Shaftsbury, Vermont (an even smaller town just north of Bennington) and is looking for an LDS, Tufts University Dental School graduate.  So Jeremy gave the student his information to pass on to the Dentist.  They got in contact with each other and Jeremy ended up meeting with both of the dentists at the end of January while they were in Boston for a Dental Conference.  Both of the meetings went really well (one at the conference on Friday, one at the bowling alley with the Dentist's family on Saturday) and we were feeling quite lucky.  We kept checking in with our Denver contact to see if any opportunities were brewing and we found that there wasn't anything.  So we kept pursuing the Vermont stuff and went to visit each place. 

While in Bennington the last weekend of February, we stayed with the LDS dentist and they wined and dined us (sans the wine).  Jeremy hung out at the office getting a feel for how things were run, where he also got the job offer just a few hours into the weekend, while I went snowshoeing with his wife (who is also a dentist and works part time at her own office).  They drove us around the little mountain towns (they have covered bridges, maple syrup farms everywhere, and outlet shopping!!), took us to great restaurants, and convinced us to stay until Sunday so we could check out the small Branch.  The must have prepped the Branch for our visit, because the Branch President and his wife were begging us to accept the job and move up there to the area.  The whole time I kept saying to Jeremy, "We are moving here.  Did you know that?"  His response, "You said that when we visited Boston for the first time and you were right, so you are probably right this time."  I could really picture myself enjoying life there, it just felt right. They gave us a month to get back to them about the job offer.  So we returned home with a lot to think about.

The next weekend we went to Rutland to meet with the other dentist and see her practice.  We got more information and got to ask some questions.  It was a short meeting that didn't really go anywhere.  She told us to drive around to see the city and keep in touch if we were interested.  Needless to say I wasn't as impressed and didn't really like the city compared to the quaint mountain towns only an hour south.  We were pretty bummed that we drove three hours just to chat and look around, so while we were eating breakfast for lunch at a local dive we decided to go back to Bennington on the way home and look at some houses. 

At that point, it was decided for me.  A golden opportunity handed right to us.  The LDS Dentist is truly an incredible dentist (business minded and FAST!) and will be an awesome mentor for Jeremy.  We did some praying and fasting to really be sure.  When Jeremy called to accept the job, the Dentist almost immediately transitioned to, "Ok, now we need to find your wife a job.  Have her email me her resume and I will start sending it around."  What a guy! So now the job search begins for me.

This is what I know, we didn't choose Vermont, God chose it for us.  We have been praying for job opportunities along the way and to be guided by God in our search.  We did our part researching different areas of the country and narrowing it down and then God surprised us with great opportunities in Vermont.  I am sad to continue to live far away from my awesome family... and at the same time I know it's where we need to be.  So we will trust God, trust His plan, and enjoy every moment of this Vermont adventure.  It might be for 5 years, or less, or forever, or somewhere in between.  I will let God decide, for His plans are far better than mine... every time.

Monday, March 16, 2015

We Made It!

With all the snow we have had, I am sure glad we beat the record for snowiest winter ever in Boston's history. 108.6 inches... Crazy!  Now, spring can come.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Our Next Adventure

We are taking our talents to the land of Green Mountains and Ben & Jerry's:


Jeremy accepted a job as an Associate Dentist this week and we will be moving to Bennington, Vermont in June.  The golden opportunity was kind of a surprise for us and I know this is exactly where we need to be.  There will be so many new things to explore and we will only be three hours away from our Boston stomping grounds. We are beyond excited for our new adventure!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pi Day Never Lets Me Down

We had a Pi Party to celebrate the big day!

3.1415 = 3/14/15

We invited some friends over to do some math problems and eat pie, which is always a good time!

 We made each couple race against each other and it was quite entertaining.
Witness my impulse move below... sorry sweetheart.

I love an excuse to eat delicious food and laugh a lot with friends.  It was such a fun night!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Old snow

I found these phone pictures and realized I never posted them anywhere.  Might as well record the epic winter we have had.  We have a couple of inches forecast this Sunday, so maybe we will finally break the record for snowiest winter in Boston!!  A girl can hope!

and Happy Friday the 13th!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

And the countdown begins!

I finally made and hung up a paper chain countdown to Jeremy's graduation!  We will tear from each side for a while to keep the garland symmetrical.  Can't believe we are just over two months away!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What a game!!

We went to the Celtics vs. Jazz game on Jeremy's birthday and it was an amazing game.  We found ourselves rooting for the Jazz, especially since Jeremy is a big Gordon Hayward fan. It was a close game that came down the last seconds, quite literally.  Celtics ended up with a win, which we were actually happy about because then Boston is happy (and more cheerful on the subway ride home).  It was the perfect way to celebrate Jeremy's big day.  

I even caught a parachute during the game with a toy basketball on it.  I was fighting off others with my elbows! Who doesn't love anything free?!

It was a busy weekend so we held off on the cake celebration until Sunday night.  I made Jeremy his favorite funfetti cake with funfetti frosting and he has been having a piece a night ever since.  We didn't have 29 candles, so we improvised 2 candles and 9 candles.  Get it??

You are going to rock life this year, Jeremy.  I have no doubt.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Happy Birthday sweet boy!

Here are 29 reasons I think you are the best:

You help me make fun dance videos. You are smart. You work hard. You are up for most of the adventures I cook up.  You do the laundry.  You help keep our apartment clean.  You teach me how to do left-handed layups.  You buy me flowers every once in a while.  You encourage me to make my dreams come true.  You are so handsome. You are hilarious in the most surprising ways.  You drive on long car rides so I can sleep.  You wink at me.  You let me collect lots of hobbies. You take Sunday afternoon naps while you watch Disney movies. You don't mind when I make my birthday a big deal. You have a pure heart.  You are close to God.  You want to be a dad (and I know you will be the cutest dad ever).  You fit right into my little family.  You let me do therapy on you... sometimes.  You help me practice forging your signature.  You believe in me.  You tell me I'm beautiful all of the time.  You think I'm smart.  You are kind to everyone.  You are a great teacher.  You listen.  You are patient.

See you really are the best! Now, let's go to that Celtics vs Jazz game to celebrate.

Monday, March 2, 2015


 Jeremy and I spent the weekend in Vermont and I was able to do a snowshoe Tromp to Stomp out Breast Cancer at Stratton Mountain Resort.  It was great and beautiful.  I love being out in nature.  It really is my fave... and on such a sunny day.  Dreamy!!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

March Letters

Dear March,
You typically promise the beginning of spring.  I'm not sure you can follow through on that though with the piles and piles of snow we have going on here.  Seems like a tall order.  You do bring Jeremy's birthday and my mom's birthday regardless of the weather, so we will certainly be celebrating those.

Dear Snow,
Keep it coming! Only 5 inches away from the snowiest winter in Boston's history.  We have had over 100, so what's a few more?  Might as well make it happen.  I'm totally game!

Dear St. Patrick's Day,
I love that your a day that celebrates clovers.  I kind of feel like I'm part of the special day since I joined the Clover clan 6 years ago.  I always want to buy the clover hoopla, but it typically is cheap and tacky.  So I try to refrain.

Dear Future,
I am so enchanted by your possibilities. Completely enchanted.  I am a hopeless optimistic and I know good things are coming.  I can just feel it.  Life is incredible.

Dear Jeremy's Graduation,
You are coming!  We are thrilled.  How about a paper chain countdown?  I love those things!

Dear Sunday Sketches,
You didn't happen today, because I have been playing in Vermont all weekend.  I will jump back on the wagon next Sunday.  Plus, we are looking for progress, not perfection in our goals, right? I am out of flowers to draw though, they all died.  The question is, what to sketch next...

Dear Pi Day,
You will be epic this year since it's the year 2015 (3.1415=3/14/15).  Can't wait to eat pie!  Lot's of delicious pie.  Who want's to come to a Pi Day Party??

Xoxo, Katie

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

This and That

Lately, we have been doing a lot of rock climbing. 
 Jeremy is a champ and he took a rock climbing class with me so we could learn how to belay and now he is my official belayer.  He doesn't like the heights much which means I get to climb a lot on the ropes.  He does like the bouldering though, so it's a great mix.  We went three times last week. It's a good indoor sport with all this snow on the ground.

After climbing on Saturday, we went to see the beach in the snow.
It was kind of weird.  There is a little bit of sand, then huge snow boulders, and then lots of snow.  There were unbroken sea shells right on the surface of the snow which was pretty cool.  I ran around for a bit while Jeremy shivered in the snow.

Every year, I set a goal to create more...  so I am actually trying to do that.
I let the fear of failure hold me back sometimes and I am trying to practice some bravery and just do it.  I have done some sketching the past two Sundays and I find it incredibly relaxing.  I want to practice enjoying the process of the sketch rather than putting so much pressure on the finished product.  I might post my Sunday sketches here to keep me accountable for my goal and to watch my progress as I explore drawing.  Join me if you want.  Doesn't it sound fun!?

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

It's Your Day!

 Happy Birthday Daddy!

(At our luncheon the day I married Jeremy)

You have such a big heart and you always make me laugh.  You are just the dad I need in life and I am so blessed to be your daughter.  I love you. Hope your birthday is fabulous on your Caribbean Cruise.  At least I get to come on the next one... can't wait!!

xoxo, Katie