Thursday, April 23, 2015

Abode Hunting

On Saturday we ventured to Vermont for a quick day trip.  It was a beautiful drive along rivers and through small mountain towns.  We were loving it.  Our goal: find a place to live.  We had a packed day with 6 different potential dwelling places on the agenda, starting in Manchester and then working our way down to Bennington. 

We checked out a few places, imagining where we would put certain furniture, where we would go grocery shopping, etc.  Thinking through the possibilities is always fun.  We found "our favorite" in Arlington.  A 2 bedroom duplex that has a back deck with woods as the backyard, new appliances, lots of closets, and a cozy fireplace.  We were sold.  

With three more places still on the docket we headed south, stopping at Jeremy's soon-to-be-office on the way to time the distance from "our favorite" (16 minutes! no stop lights, amazing views!).  As we were pulling away, we heard an awful screeching coming from our car.  It sounded like metal grinding on metal.  We checked to see if anything was dragging and tried to keep driving, but it was too terrible.   I seriously thought our engine was about to fall out of the car with the screeching. 

We pulled into someone's driveway to get off of the narrow road and popped the hood to have a look (although we weren't sure what we were looking at).  Jeremy got on the phone with AAA while I chatted with the homeowner and a neighbor that had heard our car.  They took a look and since they knew what to look for, the neighbor decided that it was brakes, definitely not the engine.  I told him, "You are full of good news!"  So they went on their way, while we waited for AAA, said a prayer, and I called the next appointments to tell them that we weren't going to be able to make it.  One woman was getting ready to come pick us up and give us a place to stay for the night.  (Isn't she the sweetest?)  I told her I think we had a place to stay if it came to that, but that I would keep her updated. 

The guy came and towed us to their little mechanic shop.  He told us all about the area after we told him what we were up to.  I kept thinking, "People here are so nice!"  They gave us suggestions of little diners to walk to and hang out while they worked on the car.  We ended up walking a little over a mile to see one of the places on our list.  While checking out the place, Jeremy missed a call from the mechanic and checked the voice mail as we started our trek back.  To our surprise, the car was all set and it didn't cost a thing.  A little pebble got stuck in the front passenger side brake.  See below:

Needless to say, we were amazed that such a little thing could cause so much trouble.  Don't worry, we said some prayers of gratitude! We walked back with an extra spring our step, excited about our future in these lovely Green Mountains that seemed to be filled with angels that day.  We picked up our car and promised to write glowing reviews online after the shop refused all forms of cash payment.  I will forever be their customers.

We rescheduled to see one more place, although we knew it wouldn't be the winner (no washer/dryer hook ups).  But the sweet lady had offered to come pick us up in the midst of our car trouble, so I figured we should at least meet her.  It went about as we expected, so we officially crossed it off of the list.  At this point, we were starving and found a local pizza place that had delicious gluten free pizza.  See the Hawaiian below (so delicious!!).  Pizza has become my favorite these days!

We chatted about all the possibilities and narrowed it down to our top two of the places we had seen, eventually deciding to pursue "our favorite."  So our application is on its way and we are pretty positive we are the first to get it in.  Hopefully, it will be finalized within the next week.  We almost have a place to live. The next time we go to Vermont... will be when we move there in June!  :)

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Welcome Sunshine, Please Stay

We had some wonderful sunshine yesterday morning, so Jeremy and I got out there to play some tennis for the first time this year.  (It was also the first time my leggies have seen the sun this year.)  It was way too much fun.  I love tennis.  I love being up at the net.  Jeremy knows to hit them really hard and right at me when I am at the net, because I just love it. 

In the afternoon we headed into the city to see the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.  I loved the Courtyard and Jeremy loved the fact that 2 thieves stole 13 pieces of art from the museum - a real live heist. 

After soaking in the beauty of the Courtyard, we wandered all around the museum wishing we knew a little more about history.  There were amazing tapestries, intricately carved screens and sculptures, and paintings galore.  My other favorite part was the Studio where Jeremy and I made our own mosaic tiles to take home (for free!!). 

Here are the finished tiles with grout and all:
The artist running the studio pointed out that Jeremy and I did the same basic radial pattern.  (We also ordered the same entree at dinner after our museum adventure.)  We are soooo married.

I also really loved this Secret Flower Sculpture on exhibit.

 It's so cool!  It's a peony... and I love peonies... and its made of glass beads.  WHAT?!


 We walked over to my alma mater (Simmons College, which is right next to the museum) after we explored the art.  We walked around the small campus and reminisced about our first time checking it out about 4 years ago.  Oh, how time flies!  Then we got some delicious dinner in the city and took the subway home.  It was a perfect day date.

Friday, April 10, 2015

My First Friends

Today is National Sibling Day!

Circa 1997 - Somewhere in Southern Utah, I imagine
These two are my first friends and best buds.  Growing up with them as been my favorite.  They have witnessed first hand the many awkward, sad, glorious, embarrassing, angry, happy moments in my life.  They help me become the person I need to become.  I am grateful for them in every way.  I love you Sam and Riley!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

30 years

Happy anniversary to my cute parents! They have been married for 30 years today.  I am so grateful to be born into the lives of these two love birds!  They are way too much fun.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Results

Remember the giant test Jeremy took a few weeks ago?  The biggest test of his life??  The last test he will ever have to take???

Well.... He PASSED!

And he is so relieved.  While on the phone with me, he said, "I'm actually going to be a dentist!"  Well, duh, babe... you're a rockstar.  We celebrated with ice cream sundaes on the couch last night with extra chocolate syrup.  Tasty business.  We sure are happy campers over in our house.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April Letters: Belated

Dear April,
I know I'm 7 days late, but welcome none the less.  I love that you truly embrace spring.  It's almost as if you drag it along with you as the days pass, pushing winter out of the way.  It's quite refreshing to know that warmer days are on their way.  

Dear Easter,
What a wonderful holiday you are?!  I think I have under-appreciated you in years past.  I am terribly sorry.  This year I tried to be more mindful of the celebration of Christ in the weeks prior and it really helped me stay focused on the miracle and gift of the Atonement.  We are so loved by our Heavenly Parents and by Christ.  It is just amazing.

Dear General Conference,
I love when you come and I hate when you go.  Every talk is beautifully written and provides these golden nuggets of insight.  I always appreciate a new way to think about gospel topics and principles.  I look forward to studying the words of our inspired leaders in the coming months.

Dear Dirty Snow Piles,
You are shrinking more and more and I am loving it.  I think you will be non-existent in the next few weeks which makes my heart sing.  Don't get me wrong, I really do appreciate that we broke the record for snowiest winter in Boston (ever!) together.  I am just ready to move on... it's not me, it's you.

Dear April Showers,
I have been loving your presence, mostly because when you are around I know the Dirty Snow Piles are slowly being demolished.  You quench the Earth quite beautifully which makes it possible for us to enjoy the green mountains and spring flora.  Keep it coming!

Dear Tennis Courts,
You just got your nets! Hooray! I just can't wait to get out there and play.  Maybe this week the sun will shine and the winds will cease at a moment when Jeremy and I are both home and we can go hit for a little while.  I will be patiently waiting.

Xoxo, Katie

Monday, April 6, 2015

Over the Weekend


We started our Easter weekend watching some wonderful General Conference.  I love conference!  We stay home in comfy clothes and listen to inspired leaders all weekend long.  Dreamy!

I also made a gluten free wafer cake from scratch for Easter dessert.

 It tasted delicious and I am so happy to have good old wafer cake back in my life.  I made the cookies from this recipe.  The wafers didn't expand and soften like they typically do when I put it in the fridge over night, but Jeremy accidentally double baked 2 dozen of them, so that might have been why.  I would totally make it again.  Who doesn't love cookies and whip cream?  I might try this wafer recipe next time to compare.

Saturday night I gathered with some buds and we painted away while our husbands were at the priesthood session.  Painting is so fun and something I really need to explore more!

Here's my sketch:

And then the final product:

I stenciled the words and painted the rest.  Not too shabby for an amateur. 


Happy Easter Friends!  We did the traditional hide the goods and follow the yarn to find them game for each other.  It's one of my favorite Easter traditions that I remember happening in our home when I was just a little tyke, so we did it for each other.  Jeremy got way into it and I was rolling my yarn out in the hallway and up and down the stairs.  It was pretty fun.

 This is the Easter loot we came away with from each other and from my parents:
(I looooove getting holiday packages in the mail from my mom.  She's the best!)

Then we watched more conference.  I folded some origami bunnies to keep my hands busy and my eyes open.  It is so tough to not nap during those afternoon talks.

We used the bunnies as a center piece for our Easter dinner we had with friends.  Holiday dinners are easy-peasy when you each bring a couple of things.  It was tasty and fun to be with great people.  

And that was our weekend.  It was quite enjoyable, relaxing, and spiritually rejuvenating.  What a solid combo!  Hope yours was the same!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Let us all rejoice!

For Kane's has gluten-free donuts!! Amber texted me yesterday with the good news, so naturally we had to go this morning to check them out. 

 And they are AMAZING! Jeremy tasted some of the gluten-free version and even he thought it was delicious.  I think we will have to go back on Saturday to hopefully get the chocolate version (they were out today).  Kane's donuts are one of the things that I have missed the most after being diagnosed with Celiac and I am so grateful they have expanded their menu.  After not having one for over a year it was such a tasty treat!