Friday, August 29, 2014

utah, part 4

utah, part 3

wednesday morning, my dad taught me how to ride the dirt bikes.  he's an awesome teacher, so i was up and running in no time.  we also made my famous nature mix: m&m's, cashews, plain almonds, dry roasted almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and peanuts.  delicious!

to spice up our afternoon, my mom took jeremy and i on a thrilling rhino ride around some of the property.  she does not hold back.  i felt like i was driving with an unruly teenager.  it was hilarious! 

we played some spikeball and other games in the afternoon while we grilled our steaks for dinner.  sadly, we had to ditch our fire after we got rained out.  so instead we played a ranch classic: dominoes.  i remember gathering around that same table playing dominoes with my great-grandma verland.  we love our ranch legacy.  it was a fun and relaxing day.

thursday was our adventurous day.  it started out with the an early morning for most of us.  jeremy, sam, and my dad went coyote hunting.  from what i heard they made dying animal noises that didn't bring out any coyotes, but had a good time nonetheless.  

riley, his girl friend monica, and i headed to wild cat for some early morning running.  riley drove around in the rhino to make sure we were safe, monica ran 10 miles like an olympian... she's on the BYU cross-country and track team (what??), and i managed to limp along for 7 miles.  it was pretty entertaining.  i could keep up with monica for about 10 seconds and then she took off.  i would hop in the rhino with rye when i couldn't breathe - since you know, we weren't at sea level anymore - and we would catch up to monica.  then i would i get out to run a few miles and then hop back in the rhino.  it was pretty funny... and a beautiful morning run.

we all got back to the ranch about the same time to enjoy some eggs, sausage, and corned beef hash.  then we took naps and relaxed on the deck.  for lunch we packed a picnic and returned to wild cat for some trail riding in the rhino and on the dirt bikes.  my grandma sid was brave enough to come with us for the bumpy ride.

there were only a few crashes, poor rye got some scrapes and bruises, but we made out mostly unscathed.  it was a great adventure to an outlook point overlooking strawberry reservoir.  it was the perfect place to munch on our packed goods.  we made it back to the ranch for dinner, games, late night movies with candy included.  it was the best.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

utah, part 3

utah, part 2

tuesday morning my mom and i got pedicures while the boys loaded up the dirt bikes.  we got all of our gear situated and took off to the old family ranch in northern utah.  it was established in 1897 by my great-great grandpa.

we grilled up some burgers for dinner, searched for wild life with the trusty binoculars, took our daily walk down the dirt road to try and get truckers to honk on the highway, and we ended the night with a good ole bonfire.  the ranch is a beautiful place.