Monday, September 22, 2014

best day of the year

i spent my birthday weekend camping in Acadia National Park.

{birthday self portrait at 26}
last year's here

my birthday started off with a 4 and half hour road trip north to Bar Harbor, Maine. the leaves are just starting to turn their vibrant, fire colors so the drive was extra gorgeous. we stopped in some little town on the way for a quick bathroom break and found some fresh strawberry milk from a local farm, which was delicious!  

we set up camp with our buddies, amber & ryan and noelle & eric (and their cute kids), and planned the day.

jeremy and i decided to hike cadillac mountain to watch the sunset.  you can also drive to the top so everyone else met us up there for the show.  the hike was great.  there wasn't much foot traffic and we scrambled over rocks the whole way up, which is the best kind of hike out there.  it makes it extra fun to jump from rock to rock.  

we saw incredible views and we even stumbled upon a buck.  he stood there for a good two minutes before deciding to run off.

we made it to the top (hooray!) and checked out the views from every angle.  they were beautiful!

isn't it all so gorgeous?  i was constantly taking pictures and trying to soak in every minute of it. the sun started to dip lower and lower towards the horizon, so we found our friends and scoped out a good spot to watch the magic.

 we watched the sun set on the best day of the year and then headed back to roast hot dogs and s'mores at camp (with Reese's and Andes, so good!).  i tried my hand at homemade popcorn over the fire. most of it burned, but i got to sample a bit of it.

and that is how i spent my birthday, communing with nature with my best friend and great company.  25 has been a great year.  there have been plenty of adventures and good times.  let's keep them coming!

more camping posts on the way...

Thursday, September 18, 2014

on the eve of my birthday

it's very early in the morning.  it's still dark and i can't sleep.  today is my last day being 25.  which means tomorrow is my birthday... and you still have time to buy me something. ;)  it's the best day of the year and i'm so excited that it has finally arrived, i can't sleep.

today is my friday at work and i just have a few loose ends to tie up and tomorrow we will be off on a new adventure.  we will be heading north to commune with nature in the beautiful acadia national park.  i will be sitting under the stars, hiking, eating s'mores, maybe swimming, drinking hot chocolate, and biking, all with good company, to my heart's content. is there anything better? i submit, there is not.  i love a good camping trip.

i usually am pretty obnoxious about my birthday, but this year things feel different. (although this blog post proves i am pretty obnoxious about my birthday.) even my boss noticed that i haven't been talking about it as much.  maybe it's because i can't eat my favorite wafer cake anymore and i just don't want to think about it.  that was one of the main reasons i wanted to go camping on my birthday.  i can't take wafer cake camping... so i will just put a candle in a s'more and call it a birthday celebration.  maybe camping can be my new birthday tradition, since wafer cake is now out.  

i may be less obnoxious about it because i am spending my birthday doing exactly what i want to be doing, having some grand adventure.  i'm not working, wishing i was playing and need others to help make my day seem exciting. i feel like if you have to be at work, you might as well let others help you feel like your birthday doesn't stink.  ok, maybe that's dramatic, but i like my birthday to rock!  and a camping trip to beautiful maine is how i am making that happen.  maybe i will always take the day off, because i am loving this. 

well, it's getting lighter outside... and i need to get hopping.  here's to my last day being 25!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

as the sun sets

the sunsets have been killing it lately

as always... the pictures just don't do them justice.

Monday, September 15, 2014

no mas espanol

do you remember when we got called to the Spanish branch

well, we just got released and are now back in the English ward.   and let me tell you.... ENGLISH CHURCH IS AMAZING!  not that it's all that different than Spanish church, it's just amazing because i understand what's going on.  (hooray!!) we were sad to leave our friends in the Spanish branch, especially the awesome youth they have there.  serious rock stars!  but we were needed elsewhere, since loads of people moved out of our old ward. 

we both served with the youth and i also led the music in sacrament meeting, which i'm sure was entertaining.  jeremy taught me the pronunciation so i could say things correctly and sometimes catch on to some words, but largely i had no idea what i was saying.  members frequently came up to me talking in full on Spanish because they thought i could speak it... surprise... nope! 

it was certainly a lovely experience and i am grateful for our time there. i am also grateful that i now can understand sunday school and i can make comments.  it certainly is the little things sometimes. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

out of doors

 i spent a bulk of the weekend out of doors and that is just the way i like it.

bonfire in the woods with s'mores and great company.  we tried to see the northern lights which was not successful despite all the hype.  i guess i will have to keep that on the bucket list.

 we slept in and then rented the bikes again for another biking adventure.  we found a paved trail that went through a few close towns.  we also found an empty park and threw the frisbee around for a while.  the clouds look so ominous.  we eventually got some rain, but we were home by then.

and that is how we weekend.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

laugh it off

one morning back in 2004 right after we moved to las vegas, sam dropped a gallon of milk as he was getting it out of the fridge.  it somehow exploded on impact and the whole gallon of milk was suddenly slipping over the kitchen floor. 

i will never forget my mom's reaction.  she laughed.  and laughed.  she helped sam clean it up, pulled a fresh gallon from the fridge, and our morning continued on. it is something i have been trying to learn to do ever since. 

last night jeremy was kicking a ball across the apartment (a normal occurrence around here) as we chatted about this and that.  one shot soared over the kitchen counter right between an abandoned glass and the soap dispenser.  we couldn't believe how close it was.

his next shot hit the glass square on.  we both watched as it got mowed off the counter and shattered against the floor.  we looked at each other and i just laughed.  and laughed.  jeremy's commentary, "well that just happened."

i think i am finally becoming more like her. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

ranch humor

this is what "getting truckers to honk on the highway" looks like:

or not...


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

biking to the beach

yesterday we thought we would try out the zagster bikes our apartment complex just installed. (you can rent them for 24 hrs at a time for only $5. what!??)  we hopped on them and started riding, not entirely sure where we would end up.  jeremy packed water and a frisbee in his backpack and we were aiming to find a nice park.

about 20 minutes into our ride, i decided that we were going to nahant beach, because... why not?  so i yelled back to jeremy, "let's go to nahant!" and he was all for it.  so 25 minutes later, after winding through little towns, we found ourselves at the beach. 

we locked up our bikes, took off our sneaks, and dipped our toes (or legs) in the frigid water.  we played frisbee, found a shell in pristine condition to take home, and just chatted while we sat in the sand. 

we were glad we ended up at nahant and laughed about how unexpected and perfect it all was. nahant beach is beyond gorgeous (it's our favorite one) and the weather cooperated nicely.  it wasn't too hot and not at all chilly.

before we rode home, we stopped at Tides to get some ice cream for lunch, because what's a biking adventure or a beach adventure without an ice cream stop?  i mean seriously!

we made it home safe and sound (and sweaty, and a little sandy).  we had such a great time.  what a perfect adventure? i can't wait to see where these bikes will take us next...