Friday, January 30, 2015

Crashing boys night out

Wednesday night Jeremy planned to go to the Boston College vs. Louisville basketball game with some friends.  Tuesday night when they were getting the tickets, I was in the background telling Jeremy "I want to go, I want to go, I want to go." He told me it was only a guy thing and that I do only girl things sometimes, so it was only fair.  I told him my girl things were chatting and knitting, not going to basketball games.

Well, Wednesday night rolled around and Jeremy told me they happened to have an extra ticket.  I could hardly contain myself.  They were trying to find other guys to go, but no one wanted it.  I jumped on that real quick and Jeremy texted the guys, "Katie might want to come, if we can't get anyone else to use the ticket."  Luckily, they agreed to let me tag along with the boys.  And let's be honest, I grew up with only brothers, so I felt right at home. I also brought treats to share, so the boys were fine with it.

It was a great game!  Boston College hung in there until about the 3 minute left then Louisville just kept their composure under pressure and finished it out.  We had such a fun time and Jeremy was so glad I got to come, too.  I am always up for a boys night out!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I know Juno was a bust for other places, but for Boston it rocked.

Everything shut down (there was a driving ban), so we both got a snow day from work and school and got to stay home to play! We got over 2 feet of snow and with the crazy wind the drifts were much deeper in some places.  The snow plowing and shoveling didn't stop from Monday night to Wednesday morning, so there were huge mountains of snow for us to play in.

This is a little of what our day looked like:
We slept in, made (GF) blueberry muffins, played in the snow - which consisted of snow angels, climbing snow mountains, tackling snowmen (the one I chose was iced, so I bounced right off), going down the slide on the playground, jumping in the snow piles, tackling each other, sliding down the snow mountains, etc, then we had hot chocolate, watched netflix, had lunch, read Unbroken, took naps, played in the snow again, had dinner with friends, and watched netflix.

It was such a great Tuesday!!

More snow is forecast for later this week!! Hooray!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

It's about time...

that we get our first decent snow of the season!  
We've had dustings here and there, but nothing that really sticks.

We saw the snow, went back to bed for a bit, and then started putting on our gear to go play in it. Jeremy made the first snow angel of the year, we practiced our tackles, and threw snowballs at each other.  This snow is impeccable for snowball fights. 

We can't forget our snow angel selfie:

Snow is our favorite! (We may have enough for cross-country skiing next weekend!)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

So how about...

Some Resolutions for the New Year...

I enjoy creating.  It gives my mind a break from other stressors and every once in a while, I come out the other side with something pretty cool.  Creating can also be scary.  I want to be okay with not being great at things and enjoying the creative process even if the end result kind of stinks. 

Be Active
I want to continue to engage my body and do things that I find enjoyable.  I want to work out so I can be active in life, not workout just to workout.  I want to climb mountains, ride bikes, etc., etc., and have the strength and energy to enjoy nature. 

I want to serve and love others more readily.  I want to connect and reach out to my family and friends more often.  I want to be intentional about creating and strengthening the relationships I find fulfilling.

Be Brave
There are adventures ahead and I want to dive right in.  I want to have the courage to embrace it all.  I'm excited to see where we will end up and want to be brave in going wherever we are supposed to go.


Sunday, January 18, 2015

Spaghetti Squash

Jeremy and I made this masterpiece last night.  
It was chock-full of veggies and so delicious!

We browned a pound of ground beef and sauteed 2 red peppers and 2 zuchinnis (sliced and diced) in some olive oil and chopped onions.  I also sprinkled some garlic salt with parsley on the veggies. We prepared the squash according to the sticker that was on it, which was really helpful (cut in half, mircowave in 9x13 face down, water covering the bottom, for 12 minutes, then fork out the squash).  Then we layered it all in the dish: squash, meat and veggies, spaghetti sauce, cheese, squash, meat and veggies, spaghetti sauce, and cheese.  Baked it at 350 for 30 minutes and BAM... done!

I would probably double the spaghetti squash to make it a little more hearty, those layers were kind of weak - or maybe just buy the biggest spaghetti squash. Otherwise I wouldn't change a thing.  We loved it.

We altered the original recipe (here) a little bit to simplify it and add more veggies that we like.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Around here...

I have been coloring and sipping hot chocolate...

Playing Tenzi and other games with friends...

Rock climbing and earning some painful blisters...
(will the calluses ever come??)

And shooting some hoops with Jeremy.
(I'm working on my left-handed lay-ups.  They are tough.)

January is a weird thing.  Not much is happening and it still goes by so fast.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My new favorite hobby

Saturday morning was deemed a sleep in day by Jeremy's parents, so I found a climbing gym to check out in the area.  I needed to break in my new climbing shoes.  Jeremy came to watch (he likes the view.. ha!) and took some sneaky pictures.

See those kids?  They are climbing masters.  I want to be able to climb like them... someday.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Spicing it up

We went bowling in Baltimore with Jeremy's parents and pulled candy out of a bag to spice things up a bit.  Whatever you drew out of the bag corresponded with a style of bowling.  It was hilarious!

I got two strikes with my left hand and sealed the deal for a win with a sorry score of 105 (haha). It wasn't about the scores though, we were all about the FUN!  Eyes closed was incredibly difficult and backwards between the legs is a blast.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Running Around DC

We flew into BWI on January 1st and went straight to the Holocaust Museum in DC with Jeremy's parents.  We have always wanted to go and we are so glad we did.  It was an incredible and sacred experience.  There is so much information in that building; we spent almost 4 hours there. Everyone should go!

We walked around some of the monuments in the cold and then headed to Baltimore for our weekend with Jeremy's parents.

DC, I think we need to spend some more time together... I will be back!!
But maybe when it gets warm again.

Friday, January 2, 2015

To anyone with an eating disorder:

I am fighting for you.
I wonder when you will realize your worth.
I hear your eating disorder wailing.
I see you taking a step towards recovery.
I want to help you get there.
I am fighting for you!

I pretend I can change the world.
I feel like I have to try.
I touch the walls to break them down.
I worry I'm not doing enough.
I cry because I know you are suffering.
I am fighting for YOU!

I understand recovery is hard.
I know that it is worth it.
I dream for your inner peace.
I try to help you find it.
I hope for healing. I pray for healing.

[We wrote "I am" poems in a group I ran recently.]

Thursday, January 1, 2015

january letters

dear january,
you are a calm month, meant for reflection and rejuvenation. i like to refocus and evaluate what i need more of in my life and what i need less of in my life.  thanks january for being that calmness i need. i just love beginnings.

dear christmas,
you were wonderful. 

dear egg-nog,
you weren't that bad.  you tasted like vanilla pudding in liquid form. it was a pleasant surprise.

dear 2015,
boy, have we been waiting for you! this is certainly our year. jeremy graduates this year and then we will say good bye to school forever!!  how wonderful is that?  so 2015, parts of us thought you would never come, and other parts of us can't believe how quickly you have arrived. you are going to be a good one.
dear resolutions, 
you can sometimes kick my butt, so i am trying to keep it simple with you.  here's to a year of setting attainable goals that i want to accomplish and being nice to myself if i don't get everything right on the first try.  you are about practice and growth, not perfection, rigidity, and misery.

dear post-holiday blues,
for some reason i don't think you will be around this year.  there are too many fun things happening and i have more winter hobbies this time around.  so i will be enjoying every bit of this frigid weather, even if that means i'm warm and cozy inside knitting or at the gym rock climbing.

dear snow,
please come! we want to play.  jeremy got skis for christmas, so please do us a favor... and cooperate with our winter agenda.  or else we will just have to go north to find you.  either way, this is definitely happening.

xoxo, katie

Wednesday, December 31, 2014


in pictures [and short captions]

[I made some candy filled hearts for my co-workers for V-day.  
It was early, but I was just so excited.]

[We celebrated turning 5! and I got diagnosed with Celiac, 
hence the ice cream carton cake.]

[Sam and Riley came to play in Boston!]

[I got serious about Operation Veggies and forced 
myself to eat carrots until I liked them.]

[We escaped to New Hampshire for Memorial Day weekend.]

[We rode scooters around Martha's Vineyard and had way too much fun.]

[We played with our buds at our favorite lake in New Hampshire.]

[We played in Utah and had an epic water 
balloon fight with the neighbor kids.]

 [We spent my birthday camping and exploring 
in the gorgeous Acadia National Park in Maine.]

 [We picked the most delicious apples New England had to offer.]

[We got these gems back from when we played in the leaves with Saydi.]

 [We had an awesome Christmas with my cute little family in Utah.]

What a year!?  2014, you totally rocked!