Sunday, October 19, 2014

new england loves hockey

we drove down to rhode island for some hockey with some friends on friday night.

i have been to only one or two hockey games in my life, so basically everything i know about hockey i learned from the mighty ducks.  the game was pretty intense and the bruins (the feeder team) lost by one point.  it is incredibly fast paced with players jumping on and off the ice regularly.  i struggled to keep track of the puck because it moves so quickly.  we had a great time!  jeremy declared he wants our kids to play hockey.  it seems like a lot of gear to put on a child.  i prefer to watch the action packed adults play.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

everything skulls

I am finding myself obsessed with skulls.  I guess that isn't too creepy since it's October.  The sugar skulls are my favorite.  They are certainly less anatomically correct, but with all that color and design, who cares about accuracy?!  Here are some things I am just dying to have (I starred my faves):

**Sugar Skull Planter**
**Sugar Skull Sweatshirt**

Skull Studs

**Sugar Skull Scarf**
Sugar Skull Sculpture
Sugar Skull Studs

Sugar Skull Tee

**Sugar Skull Temporary Tats**

I think I have found some serious gems.
Who wants to jump on this skull bandwagon with me?!

Monday, October 13, 2014

over the weekend

we got all gussied up, went to a fancy wedding, and had a grand old time.

i loved it. basically... i need more friends to get married.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

a sacred occasion

Today marks 18 years since I was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and received the Holy Ghost as a constant companion.  I was only 8 years old and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  It started me on a path that leads to Christ.  A path filled with comfort, love, peace, strength, and happiness.  It's not a path void of trials and hardships, for that path exists for no one.  It's a path where Christ promises to be there for me when I am struggling, whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally, etc.  I in turn promise to represent Him.  I promise to stand for truth.  I promise to lift others' burdens.  I promise to live righteously.  I promise to always remember Him.

At 8, I didn't fully understand the depth of this sacred covenant.  I knew it was a step I needed to take.  I knew God was proud of me as well as all of the adults in my life.  I knew that I felt happy and filled with peace.  I knew it was exactly what I was supposed to be doing.  I am so grateful I added the faith and testimonies of my parents upon my own small testimony to take that important step.

I now have a much deeper testimony of God, Jesus Christ, their love for me, and the plan of salvation.  I know that when I keep God's commandments I am blessed.  I know that He is there for me even when I feel abandoned.  I know that He knows me, loves me, and is rooting for me.  I know that He sees the full picture and I can trust Him when I am confused.  I know that He wants me to be happy and successful.  I know that I feel His guidance most when I am praying and reading the scriptures daily.  I know that I have a lot to work on and through Christ, I can become the being I am designed to become.  I am so grateful that I have this knowledge and for the loving people in my life that have helped me along the way.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

date night

we wandered around salem for the evening.
we stopped at our favorite stores, saw a lot of people in costume, unsuccessfully searched for some sugar skull gear (i will resort to the blessed internet), and had a delicious dinner.

good show, salem. good show.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Let's heal.

"This will be an amazing place of healing."

This is what our CEO said at the open house last night for our new site.  I love to think of my work as healing.  I want to help others heal from whatever is barring them from peace.  It can sometimes be past abuses, current distortions, future worries, or myriads of other things.  We face fears, check the facts, accept reality, challenge beliefs, learn ways to cope, and practice mindfulness.  I love that my work focuses on our relationships with food, our bodies, and exercise.  I feel there is work we can all do on these fronts. 

This work is incredibly rewarding (and challenging) and I can't imagine doing anything else.  I feel like I have my dream job... seriously.  How did I get so lucky?  I love working in a supportive agency with experienced clinicians.  I have learned so much within these walls and I am excited to see what other skills I can master. 

After a week at the new site, things are starting to come together.  The digs are quite fancy.  When we arrived earlier this week, there was so much to do to get it up and running, lots of paperwork to update, supplies to order, and so many things to organize.  After a week of team work, we are getting settled and gearing up for programs to start on Monday. 

Here we go!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

my cold weather hobby

knitting season has officially begun!!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

farm fresh

we finally went apple picking! this is the first fall i have actually liked apples (i added them to my fruit repertoire in march), so we had to take part in this new england fall activity.  and take a million pictures while we were at it... how can you not in a beautiful apple orchard?

we went to russell orchards in ipswich for our fresh pickings and they totally rock.  they encourage you to try the apples and eat as many as you would like.  they also have apple experts in the orchards that offer all sorts of advice and fun facts about different types of apples.  jeremy and i are mostly gala lovers so we got loads of those.

jeremy dug a little hole and planted an apple seed... just replenishing the orchard. also, he is hilarious.

i loved everything about it.

Friday, October 3, 2014

ribs save the day!

today at work:

my wonderful-co-workers-turned-awesome-friends showered me with nice notes, gifts, and hugs this week.  i was so afraid it was going to be a cry fest in the car on the way home.  luckily, jeremy came from school for emotional support.  so instead we went to dinner and i ate my feelings in ribs and sweet potato fries.

miss you guys already!!!  let's get together sooooon.

so bitter and some sweet

today is a weird day.  it is my last day of work at my current location.  the agency i work for is opening up a site that is a closer commute for me, so i am going to be a clinician at that location starting monday.  and oh boy... i am feeling so torn. 

i am excited for the new adventure that is fast approaching.  i get to help open a clinic! what???  it's going to be wild and crazy and it will bring on a different set of challenges.  i am excited it is finally here; this has been in the works for months and months.  i am excited (and nervous) for the ways it will make me stretch and grow.  i am excited for the new people i will get to meet and learn from.  i am really excited for the shorter commute (no tolls!!) and not having to sit in traffic.  i'm excited that i get to be a part of this whole thing that will give me professional experience in a different way. 

even with all this excitement... i am incredibly sad to be leaving the team that made me a clinician (although one is coming to the new site, YAY!).  i have learned so much from them.  i started as a mere intern with almost no clinical experience and i didn't know much about CBT and DBT, except that everyone said they work.  i have obtained so much knowledge and experience here.  my supervisors have pushed me to grow and supported me along the way.  growing and learning is such a painful process.  well, this team has witnessed my growth and given me just what i needed to come out breathing on the other side.  i have developed deep friendships with my co-workers which is one of the only things that is making this a little more tolerable... i know i will continue to have these wonderful people in my life, as life-long mentors and good, good friends.  i am beyond grateful for each of them.  hugs all around!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

october letters

dear october,
well, you're not my birthday month.  but i think we can still be friends, especially since you are associated with lots of orange, which is my favorite color.  my one request: can we have some warmer weather here and there?  jeremy and i want to get some golfing in. 

dear pumpkin,
let's explore your gluten-free potential this month.  it's going to be great.  i just have to find some recipes and then we can get to work. 

dear halloween,
am i too old to collect candy this year? do i have to pass it out instead?  oh boy... maybe i am really growing up.  but i am loving the skulls.  sugar skulls are my fave!! also, what am i to do with a husband that doesn't like to dress up?

dear husband,
i love you. despite your dislike for costumes. and it's only one day a year.  be a good sport, eh?

dear leaves,
you are starting your fall show.  and it's just going to keep getting better.  hopefully we can intentionally slow down... and enjoy.  and then make a game of crunching you under our feet.

dear general conference,
we always look forward to your spiritual enlightenment. it's a treat for us twice a year.  church is good for the soul.

dear blood clot,
it's been 6 years.  you sure brought on quite a scare.  you also brought on many miracles and strengthened my knowledge of God's care for each and every one of us.  miracles kept me alive! thanks for all the things you taught me.  

dear apple orchard,
we are coming!!!  please stay open... just a few more days.  we have had a busy couple of weekends.  but we are going to make it happen.  promise!

xoxo, katie

Sunday, September 28, 2014

change of plans

richie and nicole came to visit us in boston and we had decided to do some good old sight-seeing on saturday.  around 10 am we got to chatting and decided that we really needed to be at the red sox game.  they were playing the yankees, it's jeter's last season, and it's the last series of the year.  so.... we did some frantic searching for decent tickets online and scored seats a couple sections behind home plate by calling fenway directly.  it worked out great! it was impulsive, a bit of a splurge, and totally worth it.  so we gathered our stuff and headed into the city!

it was reported that jeter would sit out this game, but to our surprise he batted twice.  the whole stadium was chanting his name.  it was pretty cool.

it was an afternoon game and the weather was weirdly in the 80s.  it felt like july.  i love some sun.  we got lunch at the game and i was super grateful that fenway franks are gluten free (minus the bun of course) and jeremy just had to have a helmet of ice cream. 

the game was pretty amazing.  the red sox scored 8 runs in the 2nd inning and ended up beating the yankees 10-4.  there were some great hits.  it was so fun to share fenway with richie and nicole.  i love going to baseball games.  i'm glad we got to fit in a game this season.  it was a good one.

after the game, we showed them jeremy's school and saw part of the freedom trail.  at that point, we were exhausted, so we went on home to eat delicious food and chat the night away.  we love having visitors in boston!  who's next?!?