Why Quasi?

The name of my blog is pretty weird awesome. 

So let me explain...

I have scoliosis. Because my spine curves, I have two humps on my back. Luckily, you can't really tell unless you look closely.  When they did the scoliosis checks in junior high, the nurse told me that my right rib was raised and to make sure that I watched it. Yeah...ok, I kept right on that as a little 12 year old.  

Anyways, my back was hurting a lot about 3-4 years later, so my mom took me to the doctor, and we discovered that I had scoliosis my junior year in high school.  I have an "S" curve and it is "idiopathic" meaning the cause is unknown.  The degree of my top curve is 37 and the bottom curve is 32, if that means anything to you. If the curves get to be somewhere between 40-50 degrees, then I will have to consider surgery.  Luckily, my back has stabilized and has gotten any curvier. They can sometimes fix scoliosis when your still growing by wearing some sort of brace, but since we caught it so late, there really isn't anything to do. Mainly, I just have to deal with it.  I have two small humps on my back because the muscle is being pushed by my spine where it curves.

Enough background info... 

When my two younger brothers and I used to fight, they would occasionally yell at me, "Go back to your bell tower Quasi!"  They thought it was so funny that I had humps on my back.  We usually got along great, so I didn't take too much offense to the nickname and over time it kind of stuck.  They would call me Quasi for fun, not just when we were fighting, and I started using it for my bowling name (that's kind of where nicknames become official). 

So I figured that it would be a perfect name for my blog. The place where Quasi writes.  

Quasi's Bell Tower.

Maybe everyone's blog should be named after their bowling name.