Saturday, March 26, 2011

Boom Boom

from a closed road in las vegas we bring you...

"Move, Shake, Drop Remix"by Flo Rida, Pitbull, and some other guys

here are the dance moves if you want to learn:
boom boom, hop to the wiggle, jump Z left, skaters, jump Z right, cymbal tap,
high knees, windmill, toxic, boom boom, freestyle, tire run, butter churn,
statue of liberty, horsie, sexy body, karate lunge, gangsta hug, frantic,
boom boom, freestyle, gliders, rump sizzle, chest pop, freestyle, boom boom die!


Erica said...

Haha! You guys should take those skillz on the road!

Monique said...

You two should work for that Wii game "just dance" and you can be the ones that make up the dances and are the characters on the screen that the people playing have to follow!!! You are so cute!

will and lori said...

Okay Katie...had a conversation with Hunter the other day and this is how it went...
Me: Don't date girls with baggage,Hunter.
Hunter: What?
Me: Actually that isn't true, because I had baggage and look at your dad and I.
Hunter: so date a girl with baggage?!
Me: No!!! :) Date a girl like Katie, cute, stable, grounded, and has a great family! Love ya Katie...continued success and happiness and know that you are something to live up to!

Katie said...

aww.. thanks Lori! that means a lot! you are so nice.

KinseyBug said...

I love love love these dance videos! I always look forward to new ones:) You and your bro are awesome!