Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Quasi's Bell Tower???

The name of my blog is pretty...unique. So let me explain. I have scoliosis. Scoliosis is the lateral (sideways) curvature of the spine. Because my spine curves, I have two humps on my back. You can't really tell unless you look closely, so thats good. My shoulders are also uneven. The right one is 1 centimeter higher than the left one. When they did the scoliosis checks in junior high, the nurse told me that my right rib was raised and to make sure that I watched it. Yeah...ok. Anyways, my back was hurting alot about 3-4 years later, so my mom took me to the doctor. We discovered that I had scoliosis my junior year in high school. When I got my x-rays back we saw something that looked like this...

I was shocked that my back was that crooked. I have an "S" curve and it is "idiopathic" meaning the cause is unknown. The degree of my top curve is 37 and the bottom curve is 32. If the curves get to be somewhere between 40-50 degrees, then I will have to consider surgery. Luckily, my back has stabalized and has been the same for about two years. Since we caught it so late, there really isn't anything to do. They can sometimes fix scoliosis when your still growing by wearing some sort of brace. Mainly I just have to deal with it, but its not that bad. My back usually only hurts when I sit in the same position for a long time, or if I'm playing alot of golf and tennis. It also pops like crazy!

So now to the title... When my two younger brothers and I "fight" they occasionally tell me, "Go back to your bell tower Quasi!" We all get along great, so I don't take any offense to it. It is something that we just laugh at because it is so funny. Well, we think its funny. So I figured that it would be a perfect name for my blog. I know its random...but aren't we all.


darci said...

That's an awesome name for your blog...I think you'll have fun with it! Is that really your back??? Yikes!

katie said...

That x-ray is not my back. Mine looks similar, but my top curve is worse and my bottom curve isn't as bad.

tonya said...

Katie!! I'm so glad someone else in this family finally started a blog! YAY!

I didn't even know you had scoliosis, let alone such an impressive case! Especially if your top curve is worse.

Anyway, cute title.

familyofthewaves said...

I had no idea and never could tell!
Vanessa Delorenzis

Mike T. said...

I'm your average random complete stranger, having found your blog via the "Next Blog" button.

My daughter, now 21, had scoliosis as a teenager; not sure how bad.

We're church-goers, and a traveling evangelist came to our church. He started calling people out of the audience for heaing of various ailments. Lisa's sister Laura recognized he was describing Lisa and called her in (from the lobby where she was), and she went up and this guy laid hands on her and she was healed of her scoliosis!

This was 2002, so Lisa was 16. At that time she was 4'11-1/2", and now, post-healing, she's 5'0" and a fraction. (She's little. She's also a second-degree black belt, a paid karate instructor, and a gold-medal-winning member of the US Sports Jujitsu team. I'm not proud or anything...)

So, there's always that option, for you or anybody. God is there and still works miracles; I and my family have seen one up close and personal.