Wednesday, August 29, 2007


We (it was a family affair) went to my little brother's soccer game yesterday in the wonderful heat...gotta love it.

The Game

Sam had an assist in his first varsity game and I actually got a picture of it. He's the one with the ball. He passed it to the other guy in white (not the goalie) and his team mate scored. Woohoo!They won 3-0!

The Player

Here's Sam...We love you number 5!

The Spectators

My dad and other brother Riley

Me and Rye

We are dedicated fans...check out the chairs...we don't mess around.

(mom, why aren't you in any pictures?)

The Other Player

Riley plays for JV...but didn't have a game yesterday because the other school only had a varisty team. :(


tonya said...

What fun pics and running commentary. I love Rye's shirt. WAY to go Sam!

Anonymous said...

Nice snapshots Katie. You have a nack for writing.

darci said...

Those are great pictures...and yes, Riley's shirt is true to form. I can't imagine sitting in that heat, let alone playing in it!

Merry Parrys said...

Your mom told me how you won Sam his shoes. I didn't know you were so lucky Katie. The next thing you win, could you give it to me? Start buy lotto tickets.