Friday, September 7, 2007

This better pay off when I'm older...

Recent and semi-recent experiences...
(listed in order of occurance)

Case #1:
I was at the self check out in the local grocery store. One of the employees (male teenager) comes up to me and says, "How did you get here?" (random...I know) I reply with, "I drove here." And then he says, "Wow, really? You look like you are in middle school." Well...thanks. I ended the conversation quickly after telling him that I just graduated from high school. I was probably older than him, too!

Case #2:
Sam, Riley, and I went to EFY and John Bytheway was one of the speakers there. After one of his classes, we went up to get a picture with him. I know... we're kinda pathetic. There was a small line, but we get up to him and we ask if we can get a picture with all of us, we explained that we were siblings. He of course consents, looks at us and says, "Are you triplets?" I told him that no, I was the oldest and we were all two years apart. I mean come on. Sam is 2 years younger and Riley is 4 years younger than me! How can we possibly all look the same age?

Case #3:
I was at Old Navy with my mom and I was trying on some clothes in the dressing room. I came out to get her opinion on a shirt and she was talking to this other mom that was waiting for her daughter. As I head back into the dressing room I hear the other mom ask my mom, "Is she going into high school?" And my mom laughs (like she always does) and says, "No, she's in her second year of college." Going into high school? Are we serious?

Case #4:
I was with Sam and Riley in a store and we were talking to this lady that was helping us at the check out counter. She asked Rye how old he was and he said he was 15, and then she asked me if I was born in between the two boys. After I told her no and that I was the oldest of the three of us, she tried to be reassuring and told us some story. I think it was about how someone had mistaken her son for her brother or something... I dont really remember... I was trying to figure out if Sam really looks older than me.

Life is so hard.
Haha! :) Just kidding. But this whole age thing seems to happen to me all the time. Everyone keeps telling me that its a good thing and I hope they're right. But really, why do people think I am so young? Maybe its the way I act...hmmm... I don't think so though... I am way too mature and proper for that kind of misconception. I guess I just look young... I don't know what I can do about that, but hopefully, I will still look young when I'm not.


Courtney said...

Very funny. You should talk to Mandy about this - she would completely understand. Parents mistake her for a student at the jr high she teaches at.

Mandy said...

I totally understand. Courtney failed to mention the story of when I went with her to have pictures taken of Seth when he was just a few weeks old and the lady asked if I was the big sister. And last summer when Laney was a fe months old and we moved in to a new ward someone asked me if Laney was my little sister. He seemed a little shocked when revealed taht I was the mom and that I had graduated from college 5 years previous!

tonya said...

Maybe people think you are the youngest because the boys are taller than you??

Take it as a complement. One day you will be old and wrinkly with the rest of us.

your cousin Andrea said...

trust me Katie - you will REALLY like this kind of thing in only a short time: spider veins, varicose veins, unexplained back pain, less than brown roots that start to show up on your scalp... just some of the reasons that it is good to look like high school junior for a little longer:)