Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's all about 7!

I've been tagged!

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Tonya tagged me- check out "Blogging Buddies" for the link

My 7 Facts

1. I've gone through 4 Rubik's cubes... The stickers wear off when I time myself to see how fast I can solve it... Its really sad. :( I currently need to buy a new one. They are actually on sale at Walmart right now for a little over $6, they usually cost $10. So get out there and learn to solve one, you'll regret it if you dont.

2. I hate to use more dishes than is absolutely necessary. I eat ice cream out of the carton, soup out of pan, and use papertowels instead of plates. I am trying to save water... see if I don't use a plate or a bowl, I don't have to use the water it takes to wash it. See water conservation at its finest.... or maybe I just don't enjoy doing dishes.

3. I'm a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I got it like 8 years ago, but I still feel like I could defend myself.

4. My favorite movie is "What's Up Doc?" Its an old one, but its the best. It is soooo funny! Everyone should take the opportunity to see this movie. Its a classic. Barbra Streisand and Ryan O'neal are in it and it was made in 1972. Hilarious.

5. I love to order kids meals. They are perfect. You get a little toy everytime. My favorite toy that I've ever gotten is Raphael, the red ninja turtle. I was all set to start collecting them, so I called the next closest McDonald's to see if they had the other turtles. They told me that they weren't going to have them anymore and Raphael was the last one. Boy was I behind in my quest. So sadly I only have Raphael... but when you squeeze his arms together he does this sweet round kick with his left turtle leg. You know you want your own!

6. I always take tests with a yellow mechanical pencil. Why? Because I am going for the gold! I love positive thinking. It makes life so much more comical when your whispering to yourself, "You can do this," or "You will rock this test," on your way to class or to the testing center.

7. I love to paint ceramics. Mugs and candy bowls are my favorite to paint. I have a yellow mug with red stars on it that I painted two years ago and it has been dubbed "the feel good mug." If anyone is ever having a bad day, they can come over and I will make them hot chocolate in "the feel good mug" and it will cheer them right up. everytime. seriously. it works.

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Lacey said...

Whats up Doc... a classic. "There's a person named Unice?" :) Remember when we would watch that and Wait until Dark all the time in 7th grade. lol. Good times..

tonya said...

Wait until you have a few kids, then you'll really hate doing the dishes. They come out of the wood work.