Wednesday, January 7, 2009

08 to 09

I'm embracing the new year...finally.

Events of 2008
- continued going to school at BYU
- got engaged to Jeremy
- explored Europe with my mom (Austria, Switzerland, France, and Italy)
- went to Romania through BYU to work in the orphanages and hospitals
- developed a blood clot in 3/4 of my left leg and came home early from Romania
- discovered two genetic blood disorders that I have
- I survived it all and I'm still smiling

Upcoming Events of 2009
- getting married in February!
- hopefully having our first baby, too! (HAHA - just kidding - not for a couple of years!)
- little brother, Sam, going on his mission
- continue going to school

Goals of 2009
- read scriptures daily
- eat healthy foods
- exercise often (like 2-3 times a week)
- stay caught up on all of my classes
- be a good person



Wow, you had a really busy year! I hope that this next year is as amazing and eventful (in all the good ways) as your last year!

jeremy said...

I kinda like the idea of our first baby! Just kidding haha. I love you!

will and lori said...

Sorry I didn't get to wish you a merry christmas or happy new year, but I will definitely see you at the reception! You've already accomplished your last goal of 2009! Sis ales