Sunday, January 4, 2009

The apartment!

Here are some pictures of the apartment I moved into. I am living in married housing and then Jeremy will move in after we get married. My parents helped me get all of my stuff here and then they loaded me up on groceries. They are so great! Thank you mom and dad!

Everything is pretty much unpacked and set up... except for my bedroom.... AAAHHHH!

I will get to that soon.


Micah Mae said...

Haha yay!!! I'm so excited for you!!! Good luck with everything!!!

Lacey said...

Yay Katie! That is so exciting! i loved your families Christmas letter this year.... tell your mom (or whoever wrote it) 'good job' from me. Miss you!

Lindsey Jaye Pope Parry said...

I bet your parents were excited to clear all that stuff out of their house. Love the yellow chair.

Emily said...

your new apartment is looking great katie! im SO EXCITED FOR YOU AND JEREMY! (remember if you ever scared dont hesitate to call!!)love ya girly!

Amy @ Live Well said...

Go & check the fitness blog.... :)


Tara and Bob said...

congrats!! This is so exciting!!! It's looks like a fun apartment great to decorate with!

Have fun! See you in a month tomorrow!! YEah!