Tuesday, February 10, 2009


i took a test today in the testing center (well two actually... school's been crazy!). i finished the test in about 20 minutes and turned in my bubble sheet to one of the many students working there. i made my way down the stairs towards the exit where there is the tv monitor that lists about the last 20 peoples' scores. they are listed by the person's school id number. i made my way to the monitor to see my score and something incredible was there. it read next to my id number: 96% FANTASTIC! i was dumfounded, speechless, in awe. this has never happened to me. i looked and looked again making sure it was indeed my id number. it was. the screen refreshed to show more scores of the students who were trickling down the stairs to the monitor and i got another one: 96% AWESOME! whoa! life is good. i always dream of doing well enough on a test to receive one of those coveted messages... this is the first time i have seen something so happy next to my test score. it sure felt good.

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Lindsey Jaye Pope Parry said...

I can't remember happy words being by my number very often. They were usually "try again next time" or "stupid girl" but congrats to you. This is really your week!