Friday, March 20, 2009


The other day I went to a review session for one of my classes that we were having a test in, Contemporary Sociological Theory to be more specific. It's actually not that bad. Anyways, this girl interupts our TA (teacher's assistant) during the review and says, "Sorry to interrupt but I am pregnant and I am feeling very faint, does anybody have any food?" Immediately people start rummaging through their bags and getting her tons of food: apples, potato chips, cheetos, granola bars, etc. She was loaded with goodies in a matter of 10 seconds... seriously. All I can say is that she is a genius... of course we all believed that she was actaully pregnant even though she wasn't showing yet, but how would we really know.

I just might try this trick some day.

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LaRene said...

Very funny! You were trying to trick us all into thinking you were the one playing a trick on the class! I will make you something very nice you just wait and see besides I owe you a gift anyway I will make it special just for you. Congratulations by the way!