Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Love!

Today is Jeremy's birthday! He is the big 23.

Whoa! That's old. Haha!

Well here are 23 reasons why I love Jeremy:

1. he is so cute (just check out the picture)
2. he likes to play sports
3. he is super good at all the sports he ever plays
4. he makes me a sandwich everyday for lunch
5. he eats whatever I make for dinner
6. he takes me out on dates every Saturday
7. he cuddles with me to keep me warm
8. he sings around the apartment
9. he kept our love fern alive while I was in Romania (too bad we can't say the same thing about the fish)
10. he bought me a new fish
11. he likes ice cream as much as I do
12. he is funny (he makes me laugh so hard)
13. he likes to sing to Lenka with me
14. he lets me drive the car
15. he goes to church and has a testimony of the gospel
16. he loves Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father
17. he tells me I look pretty
18. he washes dishes
19. he showers first so I can sleep a little bit longer
20. he warms up the car every morning
21. he helps me with the many thank you notes we have been writing (I write the very personalized notes and he addresses, stamps, and licks yuck! the envelopes)
22. he wears whatever I buy him
23. he is so happy and smiles all of the time

Do I really have to stop now?

I love you Jeremy!

Well, Jeremy you are the best! You are so loving and so funny. I just love hanging out with you every day! Being married is so great. I love it! I am so blessed to call you mine for ETERNITY!

I hope you have a great birthday! Let's just skip classes and work today. Instead let's open presents and eat lots of cake! Deal?!

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