Friday, May 15, 2009

this morning

i got to sleep in because i had the day off. woohoo! so i got up around 9 and i was sitting on the couch thinking about all the things i was going to do this morning. i was ready to conquer the world. and then there was a knock at the door. i ran to get a robe, opened the door and it was a painter. background story: a couple weeks ago we had a leak in our bathroom. we filled out a maintanance request form and about a week later someone came and tore out our bathroom ceiling and half of the wall and put new dry wall in. and today the painter came to finish the job, i hope. the painter was supposedly working away and then he comes out and asks if he could use the bathroom. i say yes and then he asks if i have more toilet paper. gross gross gross! so i hand him an extra roll. then there is another knock at the door. i think it was this guy's boss because he wanted to talk to him. so he goes and opens the bathroom door and the painter says excuse me and shuts it. i guess he didn't know how to lock it. then the boss tries to open the door again and says its ok i just want to talk to you about painting another apartment. the painter shuts the door again and says he is going to the bathroom. oh man... this painter just can't win today. the boss waits until the painter is done and then they both leave to look at that other apartment. and now the painter is back and hopefully he is actually painting my bathroom and not dancing to his loud music. so currently i am banned from the bathroom. great. my contacts are in there, i have to go to the bathroom....bad, i can't shower, and i haven't even put a brush through my hair yet today. i bet i look fantastic.

all i can say is that i hope you are enjoying your unoccupied bathroom. i can't wait to have mine back.

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