Monday, June 22, 2009

dear dad,

(sorry this is a day late. we had a busy day yesterday)

happy father's day! thank you for being such a great dad. i love you daddy! you are always watching out for me and ready to give advice whenever i ask for it. thank you for teaching me how to throw a ball like a boy and for letting me and the boys play all sorts of sports. you are such a great example. you have such a strong testimony of the gospel and you are always teaching me new things about the scriptures. thank you for your sacrifice, your love, and especially your encouragement. you have always told me that i could be whatever i wanted to be... thank you for believing in me. i honestly feel that i will succeed in anything i choose to do. i have grown so much from you. thank you for everything... your hugs, your phone calls, your emails. i can't wait to see you this weekend!

i love you!
photo by joshua gene

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