Tuesday, June 9, 2009

derby time!

we just bought tickets to go to the demolition derby in heber this july. woohoo! i love these things. a bunch of old cars keep crashing into each other and the last one running wins! there are fires, there are roll-overs, there are paramedics, and there are fireworks after the show! love it. we used to go every year when we were younger and i am so excited to go back.
you can buy your own tickets here. you know you don't want to miss this!

picture from here


Emily said...

how fun! i went to one of these! It was fun but WAY LOUD!!

Amanda & Joshua said...

Ok so call me a blog stalker if you want but I check your blog every once in awhile and Joshua and I are totally going to this! We got tickets like 2 weeks ago and I'm stoked! Maybe we'll see you guys there!
-Amanda Frehner/Orfanos

Katie said...

hopefully i will see you there amanda! that would be fun!