Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Am I more handsome now?"

I just recently started volunteering at the Mental Hospital. I wanted to get volunteer hours there because I think I want to specialize in Mental Health. Well last night we had a big dance for the patients and it was so fun.

At the beginning of the dance everyone was just sitting on the sides and then Guy #1 came and asked me if I wanted to dance. I said yes and then he grabbed my hand and we headed for the dance floor (which was really the cement right in front of the DJ). We were the only two dancing for about two whole songs until a couple other volunteers finally joined us. Eventually, more and more people came out to dance.

Later after I took a quick water break, Guy #2 asked me to dance. While we were dancing, he told me I had a "nice little wiggle," and then suggested I go dance on the table and he would dance around me. I told him, "That would be CRAZY!" (obviously not the right thing to say to a patient at the Mental Hospital- oops!) but he replied with his hands in the air, "We ARE crazy!" Oh what a funny guy. I quickly changed my wording saying it would be dangerous and he said I looked pretty light and he would just catch me if I fell. Needless to say, I did not get on the table to dance.

One older gentleman, Guy #3, sure had some dance moves. He had a slight hunch in his back (similar to the one I will certainly have when I am older- scoliosis rocks!) and I bet he was in his late sixties. Every time he was dancing with me, he would keep getting closer and closer until I put my hand on his shoulder. Then he apologized for getting in my face- his wording not mine. He asked if I was married, I told him I was, then he said that I was too young for him anyway. This guy was really something. We kept dancing and dancing and then he started unbuttoning his shirt (he had another one underneath thank goodness) and as he was peeling it off he said, "Am I more handsome now?" So funny!

Throughout the entire dance Guy #4 (complete with a ponytail out the back of his hat and sunglasses) kept giving me pieces of candy. He wouldn't even say anything, we would just come out in the middle of the dance floor and offer me the candy. I took it, said thank you, and put it in my pocket after he wandered off. At the end of the dance when we were cleaning up, he came and offered me big handful. How sweet! My pockets were bulging by the time I made it out the door to head home.

We danced our hearts out for an hour and a half (we did the bunny hop, the macarena, the hokey pokey, the electric slide, the chicken dance, and more) and boy did my self-esteem ever sky rocket. So many people told me I was "really pretty" or that I was a good dancer. It was really fun! The people are just so nice.

If you ever need a lift, do some service. seriously.

Even better do some service with people who are very genuine and are just dying to be your friend. I am so glad I did.


Amy said...

I love it. Sounds like you had a great time!

Lauremo Noto said...

hahaha I laugh so hard everytime I remember this!