Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Day old PB&J safe?"

Today for lunch I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Not just any sandwich though, this PB&J was a day old. Jeremy made it for my lunch yesterday(he is just the sweetest), but then I ended up getting free food at work. So I just brought it for lunch again today.

As I was chowing down on it like a lady, after I carefully removed the crust, I wondered if I was about to make myself sick.

My first consensus was no, nobody refrigerates their PB&Js. And then I thought about how we refrigerate jelly and jelly was on my sandwich and my sandwich had not been refrigerated yesterday, last night, or today.... and then I became more concerned. (Oh, and I did finish the sandwich.)

So I googled it. "Is it safe to eat a day old PB&J?"-nothing. "Day old PB&J safe?"-nada. "Old PB&J"-nimic ("nothing" in Romanian). I ended up with links about kids with peanut allergies and their friends bringing PB&Js for lunch, others wondering if raw bacon is safe to eat, and then someone concerned about the peanut butter recall a while back.

In short (or long), I still don't know.

Any experts out there on the topic?
I am obviously in need of your wisdom.


Barb said...

You are so funny...what a thing to worry is just fine. You are not going to get sick! xoxo Mom

Amy @ LiveWell said...

You will not get sick. As a loyal PB&J lover my whole life, trust me.

Caresse said...

I have been eating gross, day old pb&j all summer. Still alive! Woohoo!

Hope everything is going well!

Katie said...

well, i'm glad i'm ok. thanks guys!