Thursday, September 24, 2009


I have been thinking about Romania.

I think it has been on my mind because last year I spent my birthday there. Sometimes I feel like I was just there and other times the experience feels so far away. I miss it sometimes. I miss giving myself to the children that needed so much. I miss feeling the love Heavenly Father feels for them. I especially miss the children. They have the sweetest spirits. The experience was amazing! The room that I worked in had little babies and also older children that were so disabled that they were left in cribs all day. I fed and cradled the little ones to my heart's content. Their little giggles and smiles were worth everything to me. I would also sit with the older children that couldn’t do much more than drool, and massage their joints and move their limbs to try and get some developmental progress. It was in those times when I would work with the older, more severally disabled children that I would see how whole and perfect their spirits were. I felt complete love for these children. They had so much to teach me. I feel like my time in Romania has become one of the things that defines me. Through service I learned more about myself and became closer to God.

Go serve someone... and improve yourself.

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KinseyBug said...

I love it! I have been thinking about Romania a lot lately too. I really miss it and service is the best thing ever! Love ya!