Friday, September 18, 2009


i think i forgot how hectic and stressful school can be sometimes. i feel like i have a perpetual to-do list stuffed with things for school, photography, school, bills to pay, school, crafts to make, school, etc. there is always something i could be doing. i start to think that after i get this one assignment done, i can finally relax... but then i should probably get started on the assignments for monday, so my weekend isn't crazy with homework, and then i think about how i really need to sew that apron for my cousin that she wanted, and i really need to finish going through the photos from the wedding and send the bride her cd, and more and more.... it never ends. i would like to think that it will all end when i graduate in april, but it really doesn't. this week, along with my huge literature review on midwifery for my qualitative research class, i have been trying to work on applications for grad school (see? more school). what a task?! i have been filling out applications, writing autobiographies, writing liberal arts statements (whatever that means), running around to my past professors and nicely asking for reference letters, requesting multiple transcripts, and on and on. i really do like my classes, it has just been a busy BUSY week. but this weekend will be different...

because tomorrow i turn 21!

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Barb said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE... you are getting so old... you are legal now! XO mom