Saturday, November 28, 2009

a downer

after multiple opinions, it has been decided: we need new tires.

so sad.

i have been somewhat stubborn on the issue and jeremy has been trying to get me used to the idea for about 2 months.

this morning jeremy decided to get a quote at Big O. he went when i was still in bed (it was better that way). he kissed me good-bye and i told him not to buy anything- with my lovely morning breath. he assured me he wouldn't.

i heard my phone ringing about ten minutes later. i stumbled to my phone, which was on the kitchen counter, (bad planning) and found jeremy on the other end. he told me we could get four new tires and it would only take 20 minutes. wow... awesome. what? no. i was too tired to remember exactly what he said, but after another phone call asking my opinion and explaining more logistics, i told him to do whatever he thought was best. yeah... i was definitely back in bed at that point.

jeremy soon came home with a bundle of papers and dragged me outside to see the new tires. he was so excited. me... not so much. what a BIG boring purchase?! but they do look good.

today we bought tires.


and we got the oil changed... jeremy is good at taking care of our car.


Barb said...

"Big Boring Purchase" Welcome to the reality of Life... There are lots of boring purchases...and Fun to come. xo momma

kelli said...

In the last month, we've had to buy 8 tires (yes I said EIGHT), and and alternator. Double YUCK! And now, my husband is telling me that the truck also needs tires. Are you KIDDING me?????

Katie said...

ewwww... so not fun!

Worthy said...

Hey...if you get all four tires there...they'd give you free tire rotation!!! And it's usually buy 3 get 1 free.
New tires are good car tires blew on the high way...SCARY!!!!!!!! Trust don't want that.