Monday, April 25, 2011

it has come to an end

lent is OVER! as of yesterday.
i was tempted to throw in some Jewish traditions and
end it on saturday at sundown... but i held strong.

i can now eat all the desserts and candy i want!
although that is a terrible idea.

my first treat of choice were these cadbury mini eggs:

and later i had some peanut butter pretzel bites i made for the occasion:

both delicious choices!

lent really opened up my eyes to all the junk i eat.
i used to eat dessert after every meal. it was not good. i am going to keep up the "no desserts and candy" mentality during the week and allow myself to have dessert on one day of the weekend... life is just better that way.


Jessica said...

Man, after Easter I'm seriously thinking I need to go on sugar detox. I just love it so much! I've already finished off the rest of the marshmellow peeps and the jellybeans today... I think I have a problem!

Erica said...

Oh, those mini eggs are my favorite! I couldn't find them anywhere! Way to go on actually making it through Lent!

Rachel Evon said...

i totally did lent this year too and i'm mormon. i gave up emoticons though. it was tougher than i thought it would be. also those peanut butter, pretzel, chocolate things look, ya know, amazing. also cadbury minis are the best. i used to work at the candy counter at the BYU bookstore and we would ALWAYS sell out of those within two weeks of putting them out. and we put them out like two months before the holiday. for reals. anyway, now i'm rambling. sorry. i'm new to your blog and i like it.

April said...

i waited until easter for those cadbury eggs - and i've already eaten half a bag! love them! that is a good rule - once a week, i like it!

Katie said...

Rachel- Thanks for stopping by and for commenting... i LOVE to meet new people!