Wednesday, April 20, 2011

moving on

jeremy takes his last final this morning.
yay! then his summer fun (and mine too) can officially begin. no more homework! no more homework! update: HE'S DONE!!!!!!!

it is also jeremy's last day of work today. he has been working at the mtc since august of 2007. we met shortly after and started dating in october of 2007, so he has worked there as long as i have known him. weird! i am so excited for him to be done. it has been a GREAT job for him. he loves teaching the missionaries spanish and he will probably miss it (at times), but really the teachers have some crappy schedules. he has always worked monday nights, sometimes another night in the week, every saturday, and then at least one weekend night - always! some semesters friday, others saturday, and one semester both. i have been sitting home boyfriend-less, fiance-less, or husband-less at least one night every single weekend for our whole relationship - and it get's old pretty fast. i am soooooooo excited for the weekends now that they can be work and homework FREE! ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

even though i didn't always love jeremy's work schedule at the mtc, i really am grateful jeremy and i were able to work while we went to school. it was the perfect job for jeremy. work was the best place for him to be when he was overwhelmed with school. working with the missionaries helped him refocus on the important things in life.


April said...

crazy to be moving on, eh? congrats to you two! what are your summer plans? :)

Katie said...

hey april! we will stay in provo for the summer and move to boston the beginning of august. we are so excited!