Saturday, April 16, 2011

salad lover

not quite... but i ate three bites of salad last night at dinner.

yes!! and i didn't even gag. this is a big step for me. the new found motivation came when i was reading one of sheena's health posts about how to get your kids to eat vegetables (i need all the help i can get before i have kids to feed). she had great suggestions and i especially love one idea i found in the comments. it was about a "no thank you portion" which is when someone (usually a kid) doesn't want to have any of something (always a vegetable) from the table and they have to be polite and take three bites. this way they either realize they like it or they learn to like it.

we all know i need a serious intervention when it comes to my eating habits, so i decided to make this a rule for myself and then forced myself to have some salad at olive garden. it wasn't terrible either.

who knows... i just might learn to like salad (which would be a total miracle).

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