Thursday, May 12, 2011

lookie, lookie!

we thought we would entertain ourselves at the driving range last night
and while my shots were less than exciting, i found this treasure in my golf bag.

my summer golf pass from 2003

this was right after my stint on the high school golf team.

did you know i played golf for my high school? fun times.

one day at practice, a couple of us out on the driving range. a kid on my team (let's call him ted - i don't remember his name, but he was super cute!) decided he was done and asked if i wanted to hit the rest of his golf balls. i told him yes, so ted started chipping them down to me and one of them hit me right on the left pinkie, no lie. i was outraged (i might have overreacted) and with my driver in hand, i squared up (this is when his buddy -now known as fred- started running out into the driving range, funny kid) and i hit a yellow, dimpled ball right at ted with all of my might - not the smartest decision, they were no more than 25 feet away. i certainly have the worst luck sometimes, because the ball actually HIT ted... in the HEAD. and THEN... it bounced off of ted's head and pegged fred in the leg. true story! now let's go over that again... the ball i hit with my driver beamed ted in the head and then PING! went flying towards fred and nailed him in the leg. it was NUTS!

this is where pure panic ensued. imagine the scene: one kid down and out (seriously... i knocked him out), the other hopping around moaning holding his right calf, and all the chaos was caused by you.

i ran over to ted - still flat on the ground - to see the damage. this is where i have the best luck, because the golf ball hit ted directly on the sturdy forehead, not some other vital, more delicate, part of the face (the eye, the mouth, etc). it was a miracle! as he came to, apologies were spilling out of my mouth to the two of them, especially ted. we made sure everyone was okay, generally speaking, and we made our way to the clubhouse. the boys assured me they were just fine and i was grateful they weren't completely furious with me. we told the story to the coaches and i was sure i was done for the season or something... turns out, i didn't even get a lecture on golf safety. they just laughed. they cut the little 14-year-old freshman some much appreciated slack and i never hit a golf ball at a person ever again. lesson learned, i tell you, lesson LEARNED! you might actually hit someone when you try to...

in order to kind of make up for my misdeed, i loaded the bus for the next tournament with two gallon size bags full of homemade cookies (the coconut oatmeal toffee variety) and personally delivered them to the two boys with bumps and bruises. after that we were good buds again and they loved telling everyone the crazy story.

it was an exciting golf season for sure.

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April said...

you are amazing! you do everything! Aaron is taking golf right now at BYU and when we go to the driving range, I can barely hit the ball! love this story!