Saturday, June 11, 2011

the longest race of my life

and that isn't an exaggeration

here are some pictures of today's big event:

i am obviously obsessed with my medal. i LOVE it!

i ran 13.1 miles! can you believe it? i am still kind of shocked, and super sore.

the race went really well. i ran it in 2 hours, 12 minutes, and 35 seconds. woohoo! not bad for a first timer. the first 10 miles were great. they seemed easy and most were in the gorgeous canyon, but after i passed the 10 mile marker, i was ready for it to be over. those last 3 miles seemed like 6! luckily, i had my buds (amber and janna) close by to keep me trudging along, and what do you know?... i finished! (and ran the whole way!!) the cute boy jeremy was also there to cheer me on when i had that last mile left. it was tough, but i am so happy that i did it. it was so fun! i used to think 3 miles was a good, hard run. i love that training for this race got me over that 3 mile hump and now i can run much farther. it is just crazy! - and totally awesome.

maybe i am a runner after all...


Erica said...

That is so fantastic! You've totally inspired me. Way to go, Katie!

Barb said...

Inspiring... Way to go, Girlie!
We are proud of you and love you!!


Congratulations! On my fist race, I cried when I saw my family on that last mile. Seriously. I was so exhausted, and when I saw them cheering me on, a whole bunch of parallels about the gospel and finishing the race and having my family with me at the end, came to mind. One of my greatest experiences ever.

Good job! Great time too!!!

Erin Nicole said...

you rock! You looked soooo cute on Sunday too!