Tuesday, July 12, 2011


did you happen to watch the world cup game sunday?

i hope you did... it was fantastic!

we watched the whole thing (afternoon church rocks!) and we went through a whole mix emotions.

at first it was great. then we got frustrated and we were downright outraged, sad, then happy, then even more mad. those refs are ridiculous - why does solo have a yellow card? and learn to call off sides! then we were sadly feeling defeat and then there was AMAZEMENT (and lots of yelling and cheering) followed by hope. then there was triumph and success (even playing a man down after buehler got the red card) and more screaming and "hope solo you are amazing!" and "take that MARTA! and you crappy refs!" it was EXHAUSTING! but better yet AMAZING! most incredible thing we have ever seen! seriously.

you must go watch the highlights!

did you click? you better!

GO USA! you women are AMAZING!
they play France tomorrow morning 9:30 mst... tune in via espn3.com. they stream it live :)

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