Saturday, July 9, 2011

running through lavender

the morning started with jeremy rolling over at 5:45 saying, "should we go?" in a way that made me think he was about to bail on me. i said yes as cheerfully as possible at the early hour and jumped up to get ready. he followed suit and we were on our way.

we arrived with plenty of time to get our packets (the shirts ROCK!), hit the potties, and stretch at the starting line. they explained the course to us and then the man in the shiny vest shot his super loud shot gun (i totally jumped - and screamed) and it all began.

we ran together, dodging the slow pokes and weaving through the rows of lavender. it was beautiful and the lavender smelled great. what a run?! we eventually rounded the last corner and sprinted through the cheering crowd to the finish line. it was AWESOME.

and guess what? jeremy LOVED it
(this was his FIRST race). it looks like more races may be in his future. YAY!

after we crossed the finish line in such a fantastic fashion, we picked up our complimentary snacks, cheered on more runners, and then we headed home - zooming through the country side with the windows down.

what a perfect morning.

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