Tuesday, July 26, 2011

tanlines are fun

huntington beach - july 2011

we had a great time (and some awesome beach hair). the boys boogie boarded, while i bobbed
in the waves, and my mom read her book. we saw dolphins everyday and laid in the sun to our
hearts' content - jeremy's heart preferred the shade. we are definitely beach people.

my new favorite s'more: replace hershey's with andes mints. it is the only way to go.

the beach. loved every minute.

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Jessica said...

Ah, that looks amazing! As do you, btw. Someday I want to look that smokin' in a swimsuit!

And our new favorite s'more discover--mounds bars. You've gotta kind of melt them over the fire so it gets smooshy and soft first, but the coconut chocolate is a killer s'more combo!