Saturday, August 6, 2011

almost there

my days in vegas were filled with:

dancing, packing, cleaning, a little shopping - i love
those outlets, organizing, card playing (nertz is our
new favorite), and good eating. my parents took me to
in-n-out last night before i headed to the east coast and
wow! it was delicious. the strawberry shake took the
cake. thanks for the fun, familia. good thing we have
phones so i can call you everyday while i am so
far away.

after a day of traveling (and sitting next to a very friendly
and entertaining unaccompanied minor),
i made it to
baltimore. we will spend some time with jeremy's family
and then head on to our new home. boston is just
around the corner.
crazy! i hope they are ready for
us. but really i hope we are ready for boston.

1 comment:

April said...

sounds like fun! good luck in Boston! :)