Saturday, August 13, 2011

don't worry, we recycle

we threw out the last box this morning. woot woot!

i can't believe it. we packed up our stuff and acutally moved across the country. wow! we are getting all settled and LOVING our place. we have a washer and dryer and way more storage (which means our camping gear doesn't have to hang out on the other side of my nightstand anymore, it's great!). we only have a couple of things to put away and hang on the wall and then we are done! i'm sure i will rearrange things over and over, but at least the last few piles left on the floor will be cleared. we might just be adults, especially since we also bought a couch today. aaaaaaahhhh! that was kind of nerve wracking - jeremy and i were both on the phone with our moms making sure we weren't being dumb. we don't do well with rash decisions. when we finally decided to buy the couch, we found out it was on backorder for about 3 weeks. dumb! but we already loved the style, color, and price at that point, so we decided to go with it. hopefully we will get it pretty soon, i can't wait!

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