Monday, August 8, 2011

we made it!

today, we first went fishing at jeremy's favorite fishing hole.
it was pretty boring until i caught a fish. then it was AWESOME!

equipped with fishing waders, net, and pole - i am so ready!

then we had some lunch and got on the road. we drove through maryland,
delaware, new jersey, new york, conneticut, and massachusetts. i am pretty sure
new hampshire was in there somewhere, too. it's hard to keep track of these small states.

but they all looked the same... green and GREEN!

along the way, we donated our hub cap to the streets of new york city. we just thought they needed something of ours to remember us. it was our only casualty of the ENTIRE road trip.
it almost hit the mercedes driving behind us. oops!

about 7 hours after our departure we were welcomed by the bright lights of BOSTON!
woot woot!!

and then we shuffled our little feet into our empty apartment and dropped.
(notice our washer and dryer... SO sweet!)

good night!

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Amanda & Joshua said...

Be on the lookout for an Elder Frehner! My brother's in the Foxboro area (where ever that may be)