Thursday, September 1, 2011

i might be a horrible person

this afternoon i had some time to spare,
so i sat on a bench by my school to enjoy the beautiful sun. about four minutes later, a guy came and sat next to me. his pants were falling off and he looked like he was 20 years old. he introduced himself as V and while he was rolling a cigarette, told me that he was applying to harvard to get his phd in oncology. i was very confused, but maybe he was telling the truth. he said that he smokes a lot and the people he hangs out with smoke a lot, so he wants to help in some way. interesting. i some how slipped in that i was married and the conversation pretty much died. but then as i got up to go catch the subway home, he said he hoped to see me again and he asked if he could have my email address so maybe he could show me around town. i wasn't sure what to do....

so i gave him a fake email address, told him to have a great day, and walked away.

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Jessica said...

Haha, I've pulled the fake contact info before too. I, unfortunately, lived to regret it. That was not the last time I saw him on campus... Oops!