Friday, October 7, 2011

riding the T

to get home from school, i walk for 10 minutes and hop on the subway. i'm on the subway for 15 minutes and then i catch a bus which usually takes about 20 more minutes before i arrive at my humble abode.

today on the subway...
a disheveled man was taking up at least three seats with his bicycle and big bag. he was on the phone when i got on and i sat down across from him. the conversation didn't go well because he hung up the phone and started cussing. he was not happy. a couple stops later the man grabs his bike and announces to the packed car, "Everybody separate. I just found out I got to work this weekend when I thought I was going to have the weekend off...." he went on to mumble something about the government and some other things i couldn't make out - he wasn't making much sense. the way was parted and he steered his bicycle off. at the next stop a tall man exited saying, "Everybody separate. I have the weekend off."

after the funny subway ride, i hopped on the bus with the magic three numbers - the route that takes me home. i was busy reading for one of my classes when at the last second a giant round man boarded the bus. he headed towards the back and realized he knew the man sitting next to me. he extended his hand to greet him and as he did i was overwhelmed with an awful stench. i hope my face didn't show it. he proceeded to stand directly in front of me with, get this, not one hand, but BOTH hands reaching up to the bar above for stability. both pits were just dishing the smelliest of all smells right in my face. it was gross. to make matters worse, the driver decided to take a detour which ended up making this pleasant bus ride even longer. i was very pleased when the giant round man with the smelliest of smelly pits got off the bus one stop before mine. it was time to get some fresh air.


Erica said...

Hahaha! Oh the joys of the subway! I've been that situation before and it stinks! (pun intended) And I think you are 5'5", right?

North Meets South

Melissa said...

Thanks for the laugh!!! I needed one tonight!