Friday, April 27, 2012

the ragnar

so i have been gaining interest in the ragnar races over the past year. and a couple months ago i discovered that there was a cape cod ragnar race may 11th and 12th. how amazing would that be???! that weekend wasn't going to work this year, because i found out about it a little too late to pull it all together and my mom is coming to visit that week and we have major sight-seeing to do. so i thought next year will be the year!

fast forward to earlier this week when i realized that i will be graduating may 10th of 2013. the same weekend the ragnar will probably be held, if they do it the same time each year. soooo i emailed the race director to find out the scoop and plead my case. (i NEED to know when the race will be, because i already started recruiting my team a month ago for the 2013 race. we were talking about vans, shirts, recruiting, and training. we are very excited!) here was my plea:

I just had a quick question for you... I can't do the Cape Cod Ragnar this year, but I am looking forward to running it next year. I have been dying to run a Ragnar. I just found out that my commencement ceremonies for grad school are on May 10th, 2013, so I was wondering... Will the 2013 Cape Cod Ragnar be May 10th-May 11th next year? I know you may not have this information yet, but I thought I would check to see if I will be able to run in it. Have a GREAT day!


he replied that they are indeed looking at that weekend or the next weekend and they will decide within a month of this year's race. this was my response:

Wonderful, thanks. I will be sure to check back later. If I had a vote, I would vote the next weekend!

Have a good day!

i wonder if he will take my vote into consideration. we will have to wait and see. anybody else want to email him and push for may 17th and 18th? but if it is the same weekend as my graduation.... do i run the ragnar? or walk the stage in a funny robe? (and wait a whole 'nother year?) thoughts?


Amy said...

Oh. That's a hard one! I just completed my first ragnar and it was SOOOOO much fun! But, you also did work pretty hard for two years to get your masters. That's tough. Could you walk in a funny robe and do the ragnar somewhere else? . . . since they're everywhere . . .

Barb said...

I vote for walking in the funny robe, so I can come visit. xoxo