Wednesday, June 13, 2012


i was just hanging out on the subway today and suddenly i realized i was at north station. ahhhhhh! i was supposed to get off at haymarket, one stop before north station and i completely missed it. who knows what i was doing?! (probably thinking/sleeping/people watching/day dreaming - but most likely dozing off because out of the last 24 hours i had been in the city for 18 of them.) i obviously wasn't paying attention to where i was because i totally forgot to get off the subway. i was already cutting it close to catch the bus home and now i was really pushing it. i had seven minutes before the bus was scheduled to leave, so i ran over to the other side of the tracks to take the subway back to haymarket. i sat on a bench and counted down the minutes before my bus left and kept telling myself i could probably still make it if the subway came right NOW until my time ran out and i was still sitting on the bench... at the wrong station... not on the bus homeward bound. another bus wouldn't come for a whole hour! luckily jeremy got done with classes early and was just hanging out at home. i called up the cute boy, told him i was a space face, and asked if he would be so kind as to pick me up from the subway. he laughed and agreed, so i hopped on the other side of the tracks again and headed north until i reached the station where jeremy was meeting me. although i love it, sometimes this city just wears me out.


Barb said...

love the story!! xoxo - glad you got home safe!

Charisse Baldwin said...

That is awesome! You probably could have made it on time if you would have ran over there, they are surprisingly close. I love this story!