Sunday, June 17, 2012

he's not a dad

but we still celebrate father's day.

i sent him on a scavenger hunt to find his gifts (which included glazed
muffins for breakfast, a grill, marinating steak, bag of charcoal, a lighter, and lighter cubes).

then we went to church, took naps, watched a movie,
enjoyed breakheart, and finally...we grilled up the steak for dinner!

and it was the best steak of my life. seriously!
grilling is my new favorite.
i can't wait for more cookouts this summer.
 want to enjoy the best steak of your life? buy flank steak, stick it in a bag with a cup of some type of italian-ish dressing and a packet of meat marinade. marinate it over night or for a couple of days. grill it up! and EAT. i love my meat seasoned a lot & this is how my parents always make it, so it is heaven for me. hope you like it! anyways... happy father's day, babe! you will be the best dad someday... far away. thanks for being a wonderful husband. you are just great! and the cutest boy EVER!

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