Saturday, December 15, 2012

first christmas

this morning we opened presents. gasp!  we really did. we had first christmas.  there were lots of presents under the tree and we will be with jeremy's family this year for christmas.  like his WHOLE family!  all six kids with some spouses and the kiddies.  it's going to be chaotic awesomeness.  i am jazzed about it.  we just couldn't wait until after our trip, so we opened presents before we left (which were primarily provided by my parents, thank you!).

pretend there are more ornaments on our miniature tree, okay?

we scored some serious loot!  check out my new mocs... sooo cozy.  love them.  jeremy got lots of basketball gear, office seasons, and other things he just loves.  thanks mom and dad.  you spoil us... and i love it.  the ipad mini has yet to be named.  suggestions?

well, we are now in maryland, waiting for the rest of the party to arrive.  i will be posting a picture-a-day of the festivities!

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