Saturday, January 26, 2013

five things

I was tagged via instagram (@kjclover09) and figured I might as well share here, too. Plus I have pretty much done homework all day and I need a break.  The game calls for a self-portrait (it's called a "selfie" these days... news to me)  and five facts about me. 
Here we go!

Just sleeping in on a lovely friday morning. I love my schedule this semester - every Friday off! I'm not sure I want to join the working world come May.

1 - I'm not afraid of strangers. 
I see people as people.  I guess what I mean is that my heart hurts for strangers almost all of the time.  People I should maybe be more cautious around I find myself wanting to chat with them and see if they are ok.  I probably should try to be more afraid of them because I have come across some creepers with my relentless smile and "have a good one!" action on the T.

2 - I eat dessert everyday.
I used to only eat dessert on the weekends and then I would eat dessert the whole weekend long.  Now I work with adults with eating disorders and I have learned so many things.  Deprivation causes binges ergo eat dessert everyday if you want to keep your portions in check.  If I have three Oreos after every meal, there is never the need to eat a whole sleeve.  Plus I eat delicious things everyday!  I like it.  It's just a more fun way to live. :)

3 - I hope to be more artful.
Since I was little I always loved art.  I used to take art classes during the summers, but somewhere along the way, I lost it.  My confidence.  Now I don't sketch or paint because I am too afraid that I will fail.  Too afraid that I won't like the end result.  Too afraid that I am not good at being creative in such a free way.  I intend to get brave and stop with the judgments... sometime soon.  I plan to take an art class after I graduate and I can't wait!

4 - I rarely wear make-up.
Make-up looks fun, but while I am hair impaired, I think I am make-up impaired, too.  I have never even attempted a smokey eye.  I would probably look crazy anyways.  People are used to my plain old face, but if I start wearing make-up every day then I am trapped.  I don't want to ever feel like I have to apologize for arriving somewhere sans make-up on my face.  Apologize for MY FACE! That's crazy! Plus I would have to get up earlier to get ready and then there would be one more step before I can jump into bed at night.  It's just not worth it to me.  About once every couple of months I will put on tinted moisturizer, blush, and mascara and that's about as crazy as it gets over here.

5 - The unknown excites me.
I love the unknown.  Like right now, while I am in this state of not knowing what my life will look like after May... I love it.  The future holds endless possibilities for me right now.  Will I work... in a school?  a prison?  a hospital?  a hospice?  Will I work with... eating disorders?  substance abuse?  depression?  grief and bereavement?  trauma?  I just don't know and it makes it so fun.  I soon as I get nailed down to something, the possibilities for my future are suddenly limited.  And not always in a bad way... but limited nonetheless. 

and there we have it.  feel free to play along in the comments or on your own blog!

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The Joneses said...

I told Brad the other day that someday I want to take a painting class--like the ones they have at hobby lobby or something. I don't know if I'd have the guts to hang the results in our home though...maybe in the bathroom or something :)