Saturday, February 16, 2013

at school on a friday night

i have really been wanting some models of my teeth (doesn't everybody?), 
so last night we made it happen. we took our date night to dental school.

jeremy first took some impressions of my teeth and then he filled them with plaster.

we waited around for the plaster to harden.
then jeremy sanded them down to look pretty.

and ta-da!  we were done! 
there are my teeth OUTSIDE of my mouth. ha!
jeremy did an awesome job.  i love them. they totally crack me up.

 after playing around, we stayed downtown for dinner and walked over to UBurger. they were voted to have the best frappes in boston (frappe=milkshake over here on the east coast), so we of course had to get one.  we went with oreo based on the cashier's recommendation.  when in doubt have the employee decide, it's easier, faster, and they know their product.
 i ordered the cowboy burger sans mushrooms (bacon, pepper jack cheese, and bbq sauce) which was super tasty and the oreo frappe was just as satisfying.  oh and major bonus... THIS PLACE HAS FRY SAUCE (their house spread).  can you believe it? it exists outside of utah.  praise the heavens!  i love that stuff!

after our bellies were full, we hopped on the subway and headed for home.

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