Friday, April 26, 2013

what a day!

yesterday was nuts!  completely nuts!

let me tell you all about it...

the day was already chalked up to be a good one.  i had my internship all day and then i had to head to school for my last class of the semester, of grad school, of my life, ever!  ahhhhh!  thursdays have been long days this semester, but this was the last time that i would have to leave my house at 6:40 in the morning and not get home until 9:00 at night.  see? a good day indeed.  to my surprise, before i left my internship, they offered me a job! it was very competitive and i feel incredible lucky to have been chosen.  i still have a lot to learn, but a full time, salaried position, in the field i want, with co-workers i love!  it doesn't get much better.  i couldn't believe it.  i can't believe it!  i accepted the position on the spot in a completely giddy state.  giddy with excitement, relief, nervousness, unbelief, gratitude, all sorts of emotions.  i got a job!  i am going to get paid doing what i love!  i eventually made my way to school, excited to tell my friends about the news (jeremy and my parents had been contacted previously and were all in support).  as i got off the subway to take my usual 10 minute walk to school, the thought came into my mind, "this is the last time i am going to do this."  it was a gorgeous afternoon for such a finale.  the streets were bustling with people because of the red sox game (fenway park is less than a mile away).  blossoming trees and colorful tulips were reaching towards the big blue.  i was taking it all in with mixed emotions thinking, "what a wonderful adventure this has been!"  i snapped this picture before i entered my beautiful school.

once inside, i went straight to the bookstore.  i needed a souvenir, something with "social work" on it, not only simmons college.  a mug, a bumper sticker, or a t-shirt were really all that i had to choose from.  i figured a mug lends itself to more frequent use. it could either be a pencil holder for my future desk i could now envision or be used for nourishment (i have my morning oatmeal in a mug these days, and we all know i love hot chocolate). so it was decided: a mug.  i made my purchase, warmed up my packed leftovers for dinner, and checked my email.  this is where the plot thickens.  i had an email from another job opportunity i had interviewed for that was sent to me 3 hours earlier.  it was short and read something like this, the job is yours if you want it, call my cell.  i was seriously floored.  two offers in one day and on my last day of class!  unreal.  i immediately began going over the pros and cons of each in my head, but wasn't really getting anywhere.  jeremy was in the middle of assisting in the clinic and couldn't be reached, so i called my momma.  sammy was there, too so i chatted it out with him and we decided i wanted the first one more.  i would be happier there.  so it was settled.  i already accepted the one i wanted.  phew!  what a relief! i made the necessary phone call and finished my dinner in time to shuffle off to my last class.  it was a bittersweet ending, as most endings are.  i had friends in my last class that were also in my first class of the program and we couldn't believe it was actually coming to an end.  we made it!  our professor closed class with some beautiful words that made us tear up.  one of his thoughts that stuck out to me was along these lines: we are going into a world that needs healing and we can provide that healing.

i am living my dream.

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Victoria and Brad Gerhardt said...

Congratulations Katie! I love that thought about healing.