Sunday, July 21, 2013

at the lake

 yesterday we spent the day at our favorite lake up in new hampshire, pine river pond.

we made new friends, we sat at the front of a boat racing over the water (best seat!), we kayaked, we swam, we played on a rope swing, we i jumped out of a huge tree, we fully nourished our bodies with sandwiches, chips, muddie buddies, fresh fruit, and more, jeremy tubed behind the boat, i learned to wake board, i had some serious wipe outs, i laid in the hammock to recuperate my sore body (the perfect place to do so in my book), we practiced our aim by hitting floating golf balls at targets in the water - i did one round while the boys did several, we explored the lake on the jet ski, we grilled up some marinated steak, i sampled some grilled veggies, we chatted about the meaningful things in life, we enjoyed homemade strawberry ice cream (certainly a summer must), and we finished the day by witnessing a vibrant orange and pink sunset as we traveled home.  turns out, life is beautiful.

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Barb said...

Love the pics!