Saturday, July 13, 2013

date night

two great things happened last night.

1. we discovered the deliciousness of cheeseboy.  it's a place dedicated to grilled cheese sandwiches. for real. they also have soups (even tomato), chips, fruit, and cookies.  this is my kind of place.  we got two sandwiches (mine was turkey, bacon, and muenster cheese, jeremy's was roast beef and cheddar cheese with some veggies), one bag of chips, and two cookies for $15 and the sandwiches were grilled to perfection! they sure know their stuff.  they started here in boston and only have a few outside of massachusetts (over in connecticut), so i guess you will have to come visit us if you want to try it. :) 

2.  at dusk we hauled our camping chairs out to the grass to watch the outdoor movie our apartment complex put on.  we met some of our buddies there and we were so entertained with their kids running around. little kids are hilarious. we watched marmaduke and while the movie wasn't fantastic, they had free popcorn!  i was all over that.  popcorn is seriously the best.  i could eat it all day.  there seem to be free outdoor movies all over the place out here, at the beach, at the hatch shell, at our apartment... we will definitely go to some more this summer.

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