Saturday, July 27, 2013

deliciousness all around

last night we joined our friends, douglas and melissa, for a night of pizza and games, definitely a recipe for a good night if you ask me. we made and devoured the most delicious pizza - whole wheat dough, spaghetti sauce, pesto, cheese, prosciutto, and pineapple. while we entertained each other by sharing life stories, the laughs could not be stifled.  i love a night full of honest laughter.  it soothes my soul.  instead of a second pizza, fresh brownies suddenly made an appearance at the hands of douglas, we were all in agreement that he made the best choice. and then melissa was suddenly looking for sweetened condensed milk.  after a can was procured from the basement, melissa declared that it seemed like a night for fondue.  of course we were all in favor.  we quickly discovered that we only had the brownies to dip, apples were also an option, but we decided that if we were going to have fondue, we were going to have fondue.  so the boys hurried to the store to get more dippers while the girls made up the chocolate sauce.  as we gathered around the table with our spontaneous spread before us, the stories and laughs continued.  we added some peanut butter to the pot halfway through and ate away.  it was tasty!  soooo tasty.  fondue is definitely my favorite. we eventually managed to play a game or two after the goodies were consumed, sometimes chatting is better anyway.  what a great night!

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