Thursday, July 11, 2013

oh brothers!

here is a quick report on what my little brothers are up to these days:

first up, sammy.
he is studying abroad in europe.  he picked an awesome study abroad, because i think more playing than studying is happening, which is precisely the way it should be.  he is visiting ten different countries in europe for the month of july. lucky kid. here he is bungee jumping in the swiss alps.  yeah, true story.  take me with you next time!

and now on to riley.
he is still preaching the good word all the way in thailand. he's speaking the language like a pro and will probably never want to leave.  his letters and pictures crack me up and make me miss him even more.  he has about 6 months left and then we will have to make an epic dance video.  here he is with his new best friend.

my little brothers are way cool!

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