Sunday, July 7, 2013

our wild ride in NYC

we ventured to NYC for a quick trip and spent the night at our aunt's house in new jersey.  here are pictures (total overload!) of the fun:

 things to note:
i rowed that boat for 50 of the 60 minutes and loved it!! i need my own. we saved a fellow crew of boaters by rescuing their wayward oar.  a small crowd watching at the bethesda fountain clapped for our success.  i'm not lying. and it was awesome! peanut butter and marshmallow swirl custard from the shake shack is totally dreamy. top of the rock is pretty cool.  the 360 degree views are breathtaking and central park is huge! shirley temples and lemonade in the rockefeller skating rink are so refreshing. the narrator of our harbor cruise was hilarious. NYC circle line cruises... check them out. the high line is gorgeous and pure genius. and the quesadillas at chelsea market are the best i've ever had. seriously.  i will go back.

we had a blast running all over the big city and now we are EXHAUSTED!
good night!

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