Wednesday, July 3, 2013

up and coming

so my big test is coming up pretty fast around here.  

it's the semi-big one that i take to get licensed the first time around.  i have to take a second one after two years of clinical experience, so after this test i have quite a break. 


i take it in a week!

and i haven't really started studying.  i keep going through a cycle ranging from freaking out and studying for 15 minutes and then thinking it will be just fine.  unfortunately the freaking out and actually studying phase has happened only twice.  here's to hoping winging it will work out for me because we have a busy weekend planned and i am working full time, so studying will just have to wait to happen in bits and pieces next monday and tuesday mornings.  

man that sounds like a pretty stupid plan... but it might be the one i stick with.  i just spent the last two years studying the information.  that seems sufficient to me. hope i'm not terribly wrong.

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