Sunday, August 11, 2013

dreams come true

she was young
and had big life plans.
he had just returned
from foreign lands.

they found eachother
in class one day, 
and walked home together
going the same way.

she talked a lot,
sharing her hopes and dreams.
he listened,
and said all the right things.

they soon became.
because of peach rings
and a basketball game.

these two best friends,
went to the temple
to marry without end.

their adventure as one
began that day,
as they worked, and studied,
and always played.

a move to Boston
became part of the ride
to follow their dreams
on the country's other side.

he's in school
learning all about teeth, 
to become a doctor
is quite a feat.

she graduated
with her master's degree, 
loves what she does, 
and is happy as can be.

she works, he studies, 
and of course they play,
loving every bit of the adventure
that comes their way.

(a little poem i wrote on my recent cross country flight)

1 comment:

Eric and Noelle said...

Ok, I think you should become a poet, that was so good!