Saturday, August 10, 2013

my new toy

a long board!! 

i took the plunge and just bought it!  after my post about wanting one (a conversation we have been having for years), jeremy started to come around to the idea.  it helped when i assured him i didn't want to fly down any huge hills, just cruise around (safely).  so i capitalized on his change of heart and bought one.  i forgot to update my parents on the process and they weren't too thrilled.  my mom was a little more in the loop, although still in denial, and she had to calm my dad down with the "she's-an-adult-and-gets-to-make-her-own-decisions-talk" when he found out.  this is the message i got at 1:00 am the night after i bought it:

"I love you Katie. Please wear a helmet and elbow pads and gloves and bubble wrap. Daddy"

my cute dad, always watching out for my safety.
he'd make us wear helmets while sledding when we were little. :)

well, i bought the board online, so i had to wait for it to ship to me. of course it came while i was out of town and then it rained all day yesterday so there was no chance of busting it out to start practicing.  but today is GORGEOUS, so this morning i took it on its first ride.  i watched some how-to videos before diving in (made mostly by 12 year old boys) to get some tips. then i ventured to the top of the parking garage and hopped on.  it's slow going, but i am better at it than i thought i would be - those years of snowboarding seem to have paid off.  the hardest part for me is stopping, but i can worry about that later.

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