Thursday, August 8, 2013

there and back

(the view from my parent's backyard)
i was in utah for a week, just playing in the mountains.  can we say dreamy?! we hit up two family reunions in the process (one for mine, one for jeremy's), so we played hard.  in fact, jeremy's still out there playing for a few more days, lucky duck! now, i am back and so bummed that vacations can't be my permanent lifestyle.  but working for them makes them all the more special i suppose.  all i know is that i love my family (and jeremy's, too)!  i miss them terribly.  the only thing that consoles me after a good time with family is knowing that the good times will always continue.  we have more adventures to come and more memories to make together.  so... let the good times roll.  

lots of pictures to follow.

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Barb said...

It was dreamy!