Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I am

I am wild at heart.
I wonder what my next adventure will be.
I hear endless laughter.
I see a million shooting stars.
I want to explore the whole world.
I am wild at heart.

I pretend to be a kid.
I feel like I will always be young.
I touch and reach for my dreams.
I worry for those I love.
I cry for those that suffer.
I am wild at heart.

I understand I can't fix the world.
I say why not try anyway.
I dream I make a difference.
I try to be my best self.
I hope for peace, I pray for peace.
I am wild at heart.

(this poem is from a group i ran at work where i had the patients write an "i am poem" and then share and discuss them.  they wanted me to do it, too.  it would be cool to write this poem periodically to see what changes over time.)

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